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  1. Any nurses ever been hospitalized due to fleeting suicide ideation? I’m terrified.

    I was in a severely Abusive relationship for a couple years. I called 911 on my ex because He was going to kill me if I did not do something. He was taken to jail. Right away, I entered therapy. I’ve been going consistently since (Almost 2 years). I had a breakdown last month because he started harassing me and stalking me again. I called my therapist and spoke with her awhile, I told her it would be easier if I didn’t exist. She was concerned because she never heard me breakdown. She wanted the police to do a welfare check on me, however I wasn’t at my home at the time. They petitioned a 302 warrant. I cooperated. The police allowed me to drive back home and them go in the hospital. If they really thought I was that big of a threat, why did they let me drive? Never attempted, never had a plan. I was able to sign a 201 afterwards. 
    This was an isolated incident. I’ve received legal counsel, now it’s a waiting game. Has anyone else been through this? My job has never been affected in anyway. Great job performance reviews and character references. No patient complaints, no medical errors. I’m in grad school with a 3.8 gpa. I’m terrified. 

  2. On 8/26/2016 at 5:19 PM, flava66 said:


    I could really use some help.

    I suffered from anxiety and depression about 9 months ago and was hospitalized. I am currently trying to renew my RN license and a question asks if I have ever been treated for a mental illness such as depression that would effect my cognitive abilities. Well, during the acute period of the illness yes my cognitive abilities were affected but I have since received the help I need and have the cognitive abilities back to safely perform my nursing duties.

    What are the consequences of saying yes to this question.

    Does the BON conduct an investigation? It doesn't seem right to penalize somebody who had a mental illness but has since received treatment.

    Thank you so much nurses

    If you are still on the site, what ended up happening?

    On 11/30/2019 at 1:17 PM, Tiernimarie said:

    Yes. I did. It's devastating. I was in HPSP because I had gone to treatment for alcohol. Then a year later had a psychiatric hospitalization. They reported me to the board who really gave me one option: voluntary surrender of license. Never would have thought I would be so harshly punished for seeking help. It can and did happen 

    Did you have a lawyer?

  3. 9 hours ago, CoachLeAnn said:

    By the HIPPA law the only information about hospitalizations and doctors you see has to come from you UNLESS you committed a crime then it’s an open door. As a case manager in the hospital we write notes for patients and families all the time for their employers. They are extremely generic with the names of the people and dates. I will include more only if the person wants it and always council them that the less info the better they can always ask you for more. Any communication about your hospitalization or doctors visits should follow that principle. If it’s in writing you can’t take it back or defend!! They can ask you for more information. About the incident itself. Even the most punitive states want to hear you are remorseful, you take responsibility and will accept the consequences. Drug screens are good. Everyone says it only happened once so don’t say that even if it’s the truth. Be honest and don’t give excuses for your behavior. We always encouraged nurses to take people with them to board/court hearings that could vouch for good behavior. It doesn’t sound like you’re in or feel like you need recovery but if the board has evidence you might, you may want to look into attending some open meetings and get a paper signed you went. Boards do this for mental health as well as recovery. Mental illness is treated much the same way as impairment and you are protected by the HIPPA law.  Let me know if you any other questions.

    I immediately went for an evaluation when this all started. I was told by rehab that I didn’t have an issue and they signed me off. I have been seeing a therapist for nearly a year at this point. Also, I’m taking a month of work to get myself straight. I think all of this would look good to the board and show them that I am on track. I simply had a bad breakdown. 

  4. On 11/23/2019 at 2:02 PM, CoachLeAnn said:

    @TravelingRN21 This is tough situation and you need compassion from yourself and others. Stop beating yourself up and start concentrating on what to do next. Losing your license or working on a restricted license is not the end of the world but it will change your world so start making contingency plans. All the legal stuff you’re worried about will depend on your state. Yes you got yourself into this mess but you also got yourself out of an abusive relationship, through your undergraduate degrees, passed the board exam and into graduate school, you can handle this, it's just a bump in the road.

    Back in the late 90's I was an alcoholic nurse that started diverting morphine from the ICU I worked in. Four miserable months later I decided I was gonna die, get caught, or kill myself, so I turned myself in. That was over 20 years ago and that still ranks as one of the hardest things I've ever done. However, I wouldn't change it if I had the chance. I have an amazing life today and I love the person I see in the mirror. Come January next year I'll be clean and sober 20 years. It changed my career DRAMATICALLY! I never lost my license but I worked on a restricted one for a while and had to pick and choose what was safe for me when I wasn't restricted any longer. I've helped countless nurses and regular people find their way to sobriety. Most importantly today I know for a fact that whatever I get myself into I can get myself out of, it is ALWAYS my choice. Incidentally I also struggled with mental health disease in addition to addiction. It can be done, it won't be comfortable at times but it can be done. 

    Thank you for your kind words, it means a lot to me. Do you happen to know how the Hospitalization could affect me? My lawyer seems to be more concerned with that than anything. 

  5. 10 hours ago, KingJames1227 said:

    But if you diagnosed with ptsd you couldve gotten a medical marijuana card that way you wouldve been fine right? 

    Absolutely not. Nurses cannot have them, Atleast where I live because federally it’s not legal. 

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    30 minutes ago, Cgritz77 said:

    TravelingRN21 I'm also in Pa. You will most likely get Dr. ****** ******** for your eval from the board since you're from Pittsburgh. I'm about 2 hours from there, and that's where they told me to go. I hired two separate attorneys. One for the DUI and one to face the board. Your psych history will be a problem, because mine was. Your attorney should coach you about how to answer Dr. ******** questions. If it is possible, your attorney could also hire a separate psychiatrist to evaluate you to put you in a more positive light for the board. Also to answer your other question, I was contacted by PNAP when I first got a DUI then I self reported when I went to apply for my license renewal, shortly after that I received a letter from the board that I needed to answer to their allegations and submit to an eval by their psychiatrist providing him the last 5 years of all my medical records. If anything was found to be missing, I could have my license suspended. Hope this helps answer your questions and give you some direction. You can add Valerie Arens on Facebook to join a nursing support group to get more advice. Good luck! 🙂


    I was assigned **** ******. He is a new person apparently. If you don’t mind Answering, what kind of psych history do you have? I’ve been in therapy and have been doing better. I was thinking of having my therapist write a letter on my behalf. My attorney told me to say no to pnap from the start so that’s what I did. 
    Also, is seeking health on your own such a bad thing? Did you give a written statement about your situation? We’re you actively seeking treatment ?

  7. Anyone go through this in Pa?

    what questions were asked, what was it like?

    I have a diagnosis of ptsd and anxiety which I have been in outpatient for months. I have a lawyer. I don’t drink or do drugs. I have outstanding references as well as a great resume. Can they really get me for getting mental help? 

  8. Hello all,

    I’ll cut to the chase. Please, don’t beat me up. I have been through enough. I had a positive drug test for thc. I know I messed up, I hate myself for it enough. I was extremely tired after working night shift and was questioned. I took the drug test because I thought I would be fine since it was a one time deal about a week prior. I have been fine since. This has been months ago. I do not drink or do any drugs. Never had any issues with medications, never had an error.  I’ve been taking drug tests monthly to help with my case.. my attorney suggested it.

    I’m worried about disclosing my psych history even though I’ve been going to therapy since before my “incident.” I have a history of a voluntary hospitalization from bad ptsd from an abusive relationship and anxiety since my last license renew. I now have to sign over my mental health records. My work has never been affected by my ptsd or anxiety. If anything, it takes my mind off of it. I have plenty of evidence to show the board that I am a great nurse. Also, I have other healthy coping skills too; exercise, yoga, etc.

     I am afraid that reaching out for help is what will screw me in the end. My attorney was veryoptimistic until I disclosed my mental health information to him. I’m in grad school too and I’m afraid that this will ruin school for me if they decide to do something to my license.

    does anyone have any advice? I’m an anxious mess and I did this all to myself.



  9. 7 hours ago, Cgritz77 said:

    EXACTLY! Don't try to tell me these "approved" psychiatrists don't get some kind of financial incentive by referring people to the program. Absolute bullsh!t.

    Cgritz77 I am going through something similar in PA and I’m worried about disclosing my psych history even though I’ve been going to therapy since before my “incident.” I have a history of a hospitalization from bad ptsd from an abusive relationship and anxiety.
    Did you hire a nurse attorney? Or just a dui attorney? Did you report your dui or did you get a letter from the board? And just curious, what part of the state are you from.. trying to see if I may run into the same doc for my eval. I’m closer to Pittsburgh. 
    I had a positive drug test for thc. I know I messed up, I hate myself for it enough. But I have been fine since. I do not drink or do any drugs. I’ve been taking drug tests monthly to help with my case.. my attorney suggested it.

    I am afraid that reaching out for help is what will screw me in the end. My attorney was very optimistic until I disclosed my mental health information to him. 


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