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  1. taylorhopelyn

    Vanderbilt 2020 Pre Specialty

    Waitlisted for FNP program But another school is waiting for a response so not sure if I should take the chance even though Vandy is my dream. Congrats to everyone accepted!!!
  2. taylorhopelyn

    Vanderbilt 2020 Pre Specialty

    How are you guys checking the status of your app? Any FNP applicants?
  3. taylorhopelyn

    Should I accept Johns Hopkins Offer?

    Hi friends! Thanks so much in advance if you can help me to figure all of this out. Sorry in advance for a long post. I graduated in August from UCF with a degree in Biology but my end goal is to be a Nurse Practitioner. I think I want to do FNP, but am not positive yet, and am open-minded to other fields. I also see myself teaching some way in the future. My younger sister had an NP who worked in the practice a few days a week and taught a few days a week which I thought was pretty cool. I also FOR SURE want to work abroad and do volunteer work. In undergrad, I helped do research and run a clinic out of Haiti and loved it. It's what inspired me to decide I wanted to pursue Nursing. The main schools I applied to (direct entry programs) were Johns Hopkins, UNC Chapel Hill, and Vanderbilt. I toured Vanderbilt and Chapel Hill, but not Johns Hopkins because I honestly didn't even think I would get accepted. I got an email last week that I got accepted to Johns Hopkins with a 15k scholarship, and was so shocked. I haven't even been to Baltimore, and they want a decision by the 25th of November. I made plans to visit next weekend, but the program starts Jan 13th, and it all just seems so fast and a little overwhelming. I also know this doesn't truly matter in comparison to the education I would be getting from Johns Hopkins, but I can't really see myself loving Baltimore, whereas I LOVED Chapel Hill and Nashville. I am not supposed to find out until December if I got into Chapel Hill, because their program starts Summer, and I'm not supposed to find out from Vanderbilt until February because their program starts Fall. Also important to note that Chapel Hill is only an accelerated BSN, so I would have to then apply again for Masters programs. Vanderbilt is a direct entry Masters program. Johns Hopkins is a general MSN program and then I would need to go through their DNP program to actually become a Nurse Practioner. Does anyone have ANY advice they could give me?? I am SO SO conflicted, and honestly so overwhelmed.

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