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6 yrs CNA. Float pool NA (ER, Med,Surg, Pulm/Renal
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Prernafraid specializes in 6 yrs CNA. Float pool NA (ER, Med,Surg, Pulm/Renal.

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    I've done all my ADN pre requirements for a community college program. However, chemistry was not a requirement. I've been an NA for more than 6 years. I am currently a float pool NA to floors such as ER (PCT), Gen Surg, Pulm/Renal, BHS, Oncology, ortho etc. I've assited in codes in ICU, SDU and ER. At my hospital, im one of the few NAs/PCTs that is constantly requested for ER,ICU, SDU, and Med Tele. Yet, I feel incompetent. Once I was done with my pre requirements, I applied to an ADN program. I didnt thought they would accept me; yet, they did accept me. Now, I am truly afraid because i dont feel that im equally smart as the other applicants. I have not taken Chemistry since it was not a requirement. My question is : what can I do so I do not fail. What things should I review to be competent. Are there any chemistry topics I should familiarize to succeed. Should i just decline my invitation. The pre requirements I took where : physiology anatomy microbiology physiology sociology ENGLISH MATH And a Gen Ed classes. Thank you for your time.

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