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  1. griselda miranda

    Chamberlain University of Arizona/Phoenix

  2. For anyone that has been to the NoHO campus what are the clinical sites you can choose from ?
  3. griselda miranda

    Evening classes ? West coast university

    I believe it depends on the state , here in Los Angeles/ NOHO/ ontario area they don't offer evening / flexible schedule .If you look into I.e florida you will find they have evening classes at WCU.
  4. griselda miranda

    Chamberlain University Sacramento 2020-2021

    Thank you ! I'll def call them
  5. griselda miranda

    Chamberlain University Sacramento 2020-2021

    hello , for any of you guys that have apply. what Chemistry did you guys transfer as credit ? I've checked the website and it says they require biochemistry . I am currently taking general Chemistry and was wondering if that would be transferable in place of biochemistry.
  6. griselda miranda

    West Coast University

    for those of you who got pre requ already approved . Do you need college math algebra and statistics or just one out of the two math classes? I completed statistics do I have to take college math algebra as well?
  7. griselda miranda

    West Coast University Cost

    Hi , I am wondering after transferring your pre requisites ? Are you doing three years or two ? I have one pre requisite left (college math ) that I am considering taking there . also , for anyone already in the program with core nursing classes . How well in advance do you get a schedule of clases ? Trying to figure out if I can still work Humm... thank you !
  8. griselda miranda

    West Coast 2020-2021

    Hello ! does any one know if you have to take statistics and college algebra both ? I took statistics , but I haven’t taken algebra
  9. griselda miranda

    West Coast 2020-2021

    Good morning , I am particularly interested in the LA campus . Have you guys had your pre req approved ? if so , Can anyone in here provide me with a description of the Chemistry class that you guys where given credit for ? Not sure what chem to take this semesters don't want to take the wrong one . Thank You !
  10. griselda miranda

    West Coast University

    Good Morning , I was looking for someone in the post that was going to attend N Hollywood . For the credits what Chemistry did you take ? Not sure what chem they accept as credit ? And I don't want to call because then they are going to want me to go thru the whole process .
  11. griselda miranda

    To Take or not to retake?

    Hi guys ! I am currently applying to BSN schools but ......there's a problem with my science courses (They are 7 yrs old) Should i retake them as a benefit refresher? I would have to retake all the main ones . has anyone been face with this situation? Regardless i will be applying to schools that do not age out sciences . my concern would be starting nursing school and felling lost , i don't want to regret not having retake the main ones such as anatomy and physiology . What do you guys think ?