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  1. Courtney Kiser

    Regis University ABSN May 2020 start

    Hi Katie! Nice to meet ya I'm right there with you checking my emails 100 times a day lol. No, I didn't apply to other schools (yet). If I don't get in this round I definitely will apply to CU. fingers crossed for us both! Please update if you hear anything and I will as well, good or bad I promise. good luck!!!!
  2. Courtney Kiser

    Regis University ABSN May 2020 start

    Hi there! Curious if anyone here has applied to the Regis University accelerated BSN option that starts in May. I am anxiously awaiting a decision and would love to connect with other students waiting who might be in the program together! The application was due Nov 1st and I've seen where other cohorts received their decisions by today (Nov 20th).

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