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  1. Anyone has experience in starting their own health care company in Florida? I am interested in doing this, but I am currently in the research phase, such as how much money I need, licenses, etc. Just curious about other people's experiences positive...
  2. LaraHeartsRN

    Getting Angry When Overwhelmed, Need Advice

    I remember working at the hospital & by the end of night shift I was exhausted & barely think. I hated when people asked questions like "why wasn't this done?" Sooooooo what I would say is "this is exactly the same report given to...
  3. LaraHeartsRN

    Anybody here??

    I know this is old, but today I am stressed out, sad, and feeling quite incompetent. I can only do so much as a telephone nurse and yeah I am not perfect. I am quite down today
  4. LaraHeartsRN

    RN is not for me :-(

    I am so sad & trying to keep a positive attitude but I think definitely I was not meant to be an RN. I think that with every call I try my very best & when I get a complain it is so devastating... specially when I spend my time explainin...