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    New Nurse, Med Error = Lost Job

    To everyone, thank you for your advice. I am taking everything into consideration as I plan my next steps. One thing I forgot to mention is that we had no PCA on the unit, which did not help my situation. I have been looking at the jobs out there, and there is not much. I am afraid to take another med/surg job, as I might again end up overwhelmed with too many patients. I see a lot of LTC/rehab openings, but I have heard horror stories about the nursing environment in these type of facilities. Any insight out there regarding jobs for a new grad RN with 3 months of experience?
  2. NewRN9423

    New Nurse, Med Error = Lost Job

    I am a new nursing working on a neuro med surg unit. I just came off of orientation about 2 weeks ago, and I made a med error where I gave two doses of an IV medication too close together. When I discovered my error, I quickly stopped the IV and only half of the infusion had been given to the patient. I immediately informed my supervisor and the doctor, and then filled out an incident report. To make a long story short, I lost my job as a result of this. My manager stated that I did not make the transition from a task-oriented focus to a critical-thinking focus. I want to improve my critical thinking skills, but I am not finding much out there. Can anyone recommend a critical thinking course, or books I can read to improve my skills before I search for a new job?

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