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    How are my chances?

    Hey all. Just another prospective student browsing the forums. I've had CRNA dreams for a few years now and am just wondering if I stand a chance at getting in next Spring. BSN GPA: 3.2 - LOTS of B's unfortunately but just 2 C's from my first semester (A&P 1 Lab & Intro to Chem for Nurses) - 3.0 science GPA, but got an 'A' in post-grad Organic Chem I - will be enrolled in Graduate Advanced Patho while applying - 3+ years Neuro/Medical ICU experience; Charge RN (will have 4 years exp. by enrollment) - GRE 315 (155Q/160V) - CCRN, BLS, ACLS (don't have PALS yet but I don't believe that's required to apply?) - letters of rec: from a former clinical instructor with whom I have a good relationship, my AOD on nights, and my CRNA friend who I even had the chance to shadow Thoughts? FWIW, my BSN is from a pretty great nursing school namewise, and I think I have a pretty strong personal statement. I also tend to interview pretty well? Idk. Lay it on me!