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  1. i would like to ask what would happen to my tourist multiple visa if an employer is willing to petition me for an immigrant visa, in case the filing will be started will i still be able to use my tourist visa to travel??? Thank you

    Your tourist visa is valid until the expiration date. I just returned from a holiday in the East Coast. Nothing unusual happened despite the fact that I'm undergoing CP right now.

  2. Hi Aquarian! Really? I thought there is no fee for changing the test site(unless one scheduled for a "non-international test center" and changes mind to schedule for an "international test center")? I thought the applicant merely forfeits the $150 international test center scheduling fee?

    I was actually looking for this post to edit my mistake (did it now). I paid $50 when I changed my test center and BON. So, all this time I was thinking that both will charge that. Changing the test site is free, it's the BON change that made my card cry. Thanks for calling my attention, John!

  3. tnx aquarian..im starting to read the compre book..but the Q and A book is out of stock here in manila...:o does anyone know where to buy?

    I'm willing to lend you mine, but you'll be much better off practicing Kaplan Q Trainers with the Saunders Compre than the Q & A book.

  4. ok. RKM has a point, I am no longer excited of what's goin on because the case here is the number of visas to be issued. By July 1, I am sure NVC will be drowned with truckloads of mail couriers from all over the world. I bet it.

    Then these DS230's will be consumed into smokes.

    It's okey to be excited, it's free and legitimate! Don't let doomsday presenters drain you of hope. Just be grounded on your strategies (many helpful posts that can guide you here).

  5. Not at all, you still must have a SSN# and be in the US to apply for it. You cannot even start the process of applying for it until you have the EAD in hand, or a visa that will permit you to work.

    And you must be in the US for a full 90 days before you could even have a petition submitted on your behalf. And about a five month wait before you could begin working, it is not an instant thing as the poster above would have you think. And seriously doubt that they have even gone thru the process, there has been a retrogression in effect since October 31 of last year, and no I-485 petitions have been accepted since then. And they are not aware of the other requirements that need to be submitted with the I-140 in the first place.

    Thanks for making this clear, Suzanne. Your posts are very informative actually (unlike the irksome doomsday scenarios some sap-drainers love to spread around without providing factual basis). Thanks for the patience! :balloons:

  6. Regarding police clearance requirement, does one's stay in a foreign country have to be continuous for more than 6 months ( some countries release clearance for > 1 year stay only ) or staggered ( like the expats with regular fly-back options ) ? Or does it depend on the length of the temporary stay permit (temporary residency) attached to one's passport? What does the US require?

    Anybody who experienced this? Thanks!

  7. although there is some validity to what suzzane mentioned about it not lasting for that long (for how long no one can tell really 1-3 months?). i don't believe that it will be consumed like what happened in h1b. we are talking about here of green card, the companies are smart enough not to petition their employees for green card because if they did that their employees now has no more excuse not to look for other lucrative jobs unlike if they are on h1b status they get to keep them;).

    if you are a foreign grad nurse who completed their requirements, currently in the usa and has a sponsor go ahead dont let it deter you. you can file your i-140 and i-485 concurrently bypassing the labor cert and will receive your ead (employment authorization document) first so you can start working already while waiting for the green card. you have a good chance of getting the ead, but the green card now that is a different question.they have to process first those that have an earlier priority date before you.

    keep your hopes up guys and god bless.

    :balloons: as long as hope is free and legitimate, i'm keeping one for myself! :balloons:

  8. hello to everyone...i am about to start my nclex self-review but i am having a hard time looking for reviewers...here are 2 questions, i would appreciate your help..thanks

    1.where i can get saunder's comprehensive review for nclex-rn and the q and a book here in manila?

    please.....any help would be great....thanks!!

    angat pinoy!

    thread edited to meet the tos of this bulletin board.

    hello, superborj. if you can't afford to spend so much on reviewers just focus on saunders compre book and the practice cd that goes with it. ncsbn online review and saunders q & a didn't help me much in the long run. just imho.

  9. I stand corrected. Maybe, the Test Administrators are for the ASCP's (American Society of Clinical Pathologists) recently approved (June 1, 2007) California Licensure exam here in Manila and Cebu w/c will be conducted under Pearson VUE Professional Centers. It could be other exams as well.

  10. Im just in panic when I have seen that there is NO AVAILABLE APPOINTMENTS for the months of june- september for the NCLEX Exam in HK..how could I take the exam???please help me..i really need to be enlightened in this one..thanks.. godbless!

    and.. if ill have to change my testing center, my second is saipan, do i have to pay anything and how do i change my test location. thank you!

    Do you mean to say your ATT will expire in 90 days? Or has it already expired? If not, and if you don't want the hassle of getting HK schedule, you can change your testing center by calling the hotline. Good luck!

  11. I applied for a certification program last 2005 from cgfns but i've decided not to proceed with my cgfns exam and proceed with visa screening only. how will i cancel the certification program i applied for so that the previous balance i had for CP wil not be included in my balance for visascreening only?

    Another query, any idea how much is the fee to be paid to California Board of Nursing for the NCLEX result to b submitted for VisaScreening?

    Thank you very much in advance.;)

    I've tried to cancel mine when NJ decided to have the CES instead. I sent an email during office hours (Eastern time) and immediately received an answer. They can cancel but there won't be a refund anymore.

    Try sending an email.

  12. i just received my results too and i passed the exam at 75...

    my exam was a lot of pharmacology topics and i know i am not that good in pharma so i didn't expect to pass... luckily, i pass in god's will

    i'm so happy the i made it and i knew god was there when i took it...

    congrats to those who pass the nclex and to myself, hehehehhe

    :balloons: congratulations!!!:balloons:


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