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  1. Has anyone had their nursing program almost cause them to not want to be a nurse anymore? 

    I failed a class by 1% and couldn't graduate. I tried retaking it and started doing worse, so I withdrew. I took about a year off and worked full time as a CNA on a unit I really like. I'm back in my old program now though and I hate it. I didn't want to come back but all I had were parents screaming about loans being due soon and being "so close" and "finish strong" so I bought it and came back. I am MISERABLE and my mental health is spiraling. 

    I love being hands on with my patients. I love clinical and I always do super well. But these exams, condescending professors, and just being in the same rooms I kept failing in before are just destroying me. 

    I always wanted to be a flight RN. I've been doing looking around and realized that I could also be a flight EMT and Paramedic. Part of me wants to leave nursing school, get a EMT license and start working as an EMT while I'm in paramedic school. I'd love to get enough experience to maybe be a flight EMT while working as a paramedic to get enough experience to transition to a flight paramedic. 

    I guess what I'm wondering is....would I be an idiot to leave nursing to become an EMT or paramedic? 


    1. dah512


      I think ultimately, you know what is best for you!  Do a personal inventory on the jobs them selves and see which is more something you would ultimately enjoy doing long term.  

      EMT is more hands on, hectic, fast paced, out in the trenches.  But... you would ultimately have less variety of places to work. Being a flight EMT seems like first you need to get to EMT school, and go up the education ladder to Paramedic.  Finish Paramedic school and work a couple years.  Then apply to flight paramedic jobs. (similar career pathway to flight nursing).  

      You can work a lot of different places as a nurse... but most positions require at least 2 years of acute care/ bed side nursing under your belt.  Bed side nursing can teach you a lot!  But it can also be strenuous, and frustrating.   Also, it seems like a LONG road to doing flight nursing.  First, finish nursing school.  Next, work a couple years in the ER. Then get certified.  Then apply to flight nurse job positions.  

      In regards to your nursing program... nursing school sucks!  Its hard, and teachers can really break you.  But, don't let it stand in your way.  Most nurses say nursing after nursing school is NOTHING like nursing school!  Think of it as just one of those really annoying big hurdles you have to get through to get to where you want to be.  And even if you barely pass, thats ok!  Just make sure you pass your NCLEX!! 


    2. Nurse.Kelsey

      Nurse.Kelsey, RN

      A lot of people go though turmoil while in nursing school. Its rough, but remember its temporary. Finish up!


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