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  1. StarRN Program HCA Doctor's Hospital OR surgical Services Augusta GA

    Hi hope all is well with everyone. I just wanted to get a few opinions to see if the way I'm planning on going into this new job opportunity merely for the experience was a good or bad idea? So I'm in Augusta GA and I recently just signed up for a StarRN program for the OR. I have heard from others about all the horrible experiences they have had with HCA facilities. I start my program next Monday Oct 7th. I just wan the experience in the OR because this one of the specialty areas you have to fight to get into or you have to know someone to get in so this opportunity is a hard one to pass up. Only reason I am doing so is because I am a military spouse and we will be PCS back to MacDill Air force base in Tampa June 2020 so I will have completed training and will only work two months technically under the contract. The facility is aware that I am military and also was made aware that I would be leaving in June 2020 but the recruiter and the HR director for Doctor's hospital in Augusta GA pointed out to me that their was a military clause in the contract that would release me from the contract free and clear if we got orders to return back to MacDill and we will have those orders without a doubt. So I am going to take advantage of this program and focus on finishing it. This would be great on my resume for sure. Oh one last thing they also told me about the many HCA hospitals that were scattered all across Florida so if I wanted to transfer I could do that also. I'll cross that bridge when the times comes because I really haven't heard very many good things about to many HCA hospitals. Do anyone think taking this position for the experience is wrong? 


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