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  1. Hi, 

    I'm also applying to Loyola Maywood Campus. Hopefully I'll turn it in before Thanksgiving. I heard the decision comes out 2-3 weeks after.

    Really concerned about my GPA because I have below 3.0. Hopefully they look at my application holistically. 

    Do you mind sharing your stats? I have my degree in psychology. Not much health experience besides volunteering.

    Good luck to all of us! 

  2. Hi @ziwxu. I'm applying for second degree/transfer. I have a 2.65 major GPA so I feel very nervous. It's very hard to find jobs/internships right after uni so I don't have much experience except volunteering at Stanford Children's Hospital (100+ hours). I'm hoping SU will look at my application holistically and that my essay will help me make the cut. 

  3. Hi @futurenursejuanny87

    I'm applying for the accelerated program because all I need is chemistry, which I plan to finish this coming spring semester. I'm a little nervous because my cum GPA in my university is 2.65 (psychology major) as well as my pre-req GPA. I have a little volunteer experience at Stanford's children hospital. I'm hoping to get in by my letter of rec and my essay since I heard NYU looks at apps holistically.

  4. Hi, I'm applying too 🙂

    For NYU, I don't think we need TEAS. Also, @queenslimmm you can apply while you're still working on pre-reqs. I'm reading their website and it says: 

    Individuals who have not completed prerequisite courses can apply to enter NYU Meyers's BS program with advanced standing credit. The average length of full-time study for students that have not completed the prerequisite courses prior to matriculation is two years or five terms.

    Applicants who do not plan to meet all prerequisite requirements before matriculating should apply as a non-accelerated student, but should still use the Second Degree Application. 

    The Second Degree Transfer (Non-Accelerated) program allows students to complete remaining prerequisites prior to entering the four consecutive semesters of full-time study in nursing coursework and can begin in the fall (September) or spring (January) semester.

  5. Edited by tropicalbreeze

    Hi guys! Thought I'd make a forum for NYU's ABSN Program for fall 2020.

    Let me introduce myself. My name is Alexis Paige. Currently in California. I received my BA in psych from a private university with a GPA below 3.0. Took pre-reqs in multiple community college while working. Ended up with the same GPA as undergrad 😞

    Here's my stats:

    Anatomy: C (planning to retake in spring 2020)

    Physio: A-

    Microbio: C+ (planning to retake in spring 2020)

    Chem for health sciences: C+

    Nutrition: A

    Stats: C

    Lifespan dev: B

    Volunteer experience at Stanford University. Do you think I have chance with NYU? I feel like my only hope in getting in are the letter of recs + personal essay.

    Feel free to comment whatever is on your mind. What are your stats? Where are you from and what other schools will you be applying at? Help a sistah out! 


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