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    TEAS Tests Tips and Helpful Resources!!!! 08/31/19

    Good luck! I hope you do well! I'm glad you found this helpful!
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    UCF traditional bsn 2020

    Amazing Stats! I'm sure you'll have no problem getting in! Good luck anyways!
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    UCF traditional bsn 2020

    I know this is kind of early, but I just wanted to know, for the people who are applying to ucf's traditional bsn program for 2020, what are your stats? I was looking at the forum for last year's applicants and that got me really nervous since many of those people had some pretty amazing stats, and some didn't even get accepted. I plan on applying to either Daytona or Orlando campuses, though Daytona is my first choice
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    TEAS -

    I agree with the post above, some questions are really broad, like the parts of a neuron. For cardio vascular system, I didn't get any questions about specific blood vessels, but make sure to know hemostasis (body's response to broken or damaged blood vessels), I got atleast 2 questions on that. For more information, look at my post! I just took the Teas. Best of luck to anyone who is taking the TEAS!
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    Teas test schoolcraft

    Check out my post for most recent tips on doing well on the TEAS!
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    TEAS Tests Tips and Helpful Resources!!!! 08/31/19

    If you have any questions let me know!
  7. Okay, so I just took the Teas test and I made a 92.7% on it. The break down of my scores are a 78.9% in Reading, 100% in Math, 97.8% in Science and a 100% in english. Tips plus overview: I did the worst on the reading portion I think because I was too busy worrying about the other 3 sections which I had heard some really bad stories about. I'm here to tell you, read all the articles carefully and don't worry about time too much. You'll pretty much get from short stories to lengthy articles, and even recipes. A YouTube recommendation would be Caroline Mcallister. She teaches some tips and tricks to do well on the reading portion. Math was surprisingly easy for me. There are a lot of fractions and converting between them and decimals. Ordering from least to greatest was on there as well. Don't worry too much about conversions and remembering a lot of formulas. I didn't get any questions on surface area or anything of that nature. It's pretty much basic algebra. The only conversion problem I got was converting between pounds to ounces in a word problem. I got one question about converting from Fahrenheit to Celsius but they actually gave me the formula. Know how to setup a proportion, there were at least 5-6 questions on word problems dealing with proportions! Science was relatively easy for me because I took the teas test as soon as I was done with Anatomy and physiology 1 and 2. Literally I took the Teas test a week after my AP 2 final. If there is one huge advice I can give you, it's that if you can help it, don't take the teas test without taking ap 1 and ap 2. Literally so many questions on the teas test were structured exactly like my Ap tests. Know your 11 body systems. I got at least 1 question on every system. There were a lot of questions on the endocrine system, like what gland secretes what, what hormone affects what etc.. know your basic hormones like ADH, calcitonin, PTH, progesterone, estrogen, and what they do. Know where gas exchange occurs, and the respiratory system in general. Know the path of urine in a nephron, like the order of urine flow. As for biology and chemistry, the only questions I got were pretty simple. Study meiosis and mitosis. Know protons, nuetrons and electrons. Study the Scientific Method, and examples of scientific reasoning. English was my most dreaded. From what I had heard, it was very difficult. But, when I took it, it was really easy. Study your manual and brush up on basic grammar rules. Know compound vs. complex or simple sentences. Look up most frequently misspelled words on the internet, as one or two of those is bound to show up on the TEAS. Resources: All I bought to study was one manual. I didn't pay for any courses online or anything of that nature. But, I did take as many free practice test that were available to me online. Here's a link to a few practice test I took. https://smarteditionmedia.com/pages/ati-teas-6-free-practice-test The book I bought is called ATI 6 by smart edition media. I've also heard some really good things about the Mometrix ATI 6 TEAS book as well. For more practice tests, go on Youtube and search Teas test 6 practice test, there were several by mometrix that were extremely helpful. Watch Khan Academy videos as well as Bozeman Science. They both were really helpful for a science refresher. I also forgot to mention, I had about 2 weeks in between my AP 2 final and the starting of the next semester, so I took those 2 weeks to study mildly everyday in preparation for the TEAS. Also look at what others had to say about the Teas test on YouTube. I found Nurse Lexi's and Blossom with Jessica's tips really helpful. They've made YouTube videos about their experiences with the Teas and they were really helpful. Also this nurse named Miki Rai has her own website and she posted some really helpful tips on doing well. This is her website: https://www.mikirai.com Over all, don't think you have to go and spend lots of money on preparation for the Teas test. Invest in two resources and use them diligently. For me, it was my manual and YouTube.