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    Misdemeanors that are expunged

    Thank you for your response. My spouse signed papers to have all charges dropped and as far as I’m aware that’s what’s going on. When I was released, I had no bond, was told the charges were dropped, etc. I still have court, but my lawyer will be going in my stead and working towards expunging it from the record. It occurred in Florida but I practice in Louisiana. I don’t want to put myself on the board’s radar unnecessarily but I also don’t want to not self report and have this come up after it “goes away” when I’m up for renewal in a few months. I’ve seen the board take it way too far with lesser issues. My job is safe. I’ve left hospitals and corporate life and I’m privately employed by a doctor who is extremely understanding. As far as my spouse and I, we are also fine. It was just a freak accident situation that police got involved to start with, even more freak accident they happened to find out about the slap. We’ve been through counseling and are doing well, but we’re young and growing pains. It wasn’t something that’s our norm. It’s very sad that we even have to deal with this. Something that happened in another state on personal time that’s being erased shouldn’t give me this much grief. My spouse and I are fine, it was just typical marital nonsense that got blown out of proportion while on vacation. I’m waiting for my lawyer to go to my upcoming court date but sitting around waiting and uncertain about what to do with the board is scary.
  2. kbrownie

    Misdemeanors that are expunged

    Question. I got arrested on accident (long story) on a misdemeanor offense while vacationing with family. I just slapped my husband when he got in my face and police saw the text where, in the moment, I apologized, and arrested me for it. They were absolute jerks considering hubby has 100 lbs, a foot, and a bigger temper than me. My lawyer is working to have charges dropped and expunged from the record. What’s the protocol with the board? Particularly Louisiana. I’m so worried that because they caught me on such a BOGUS charge they’ll rake me across the coals. I didn’t even do anything wrong. I was scared and just wanted him to get out of my face. Any advice welcome. First offense, no priors, perfect record otherwise. I’m heartbroken I even have to worry about this.