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    looks like it is becomming more common. makes sense really. but the whole "im going to dictate what u do on your off time" by dangling your job or potential for a job is a bit annoying. guess if u want that job bad enough you will make the necessary changes. ive been without for about 28 days now so i hope i will be ok with the urine screening. i look at it as an opportunity to kick a harmful habit anyways. thanks for your comments
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    This has probably been asked already but here goes. i am transferring to another hospital. i will also be required to take a urine drug test which includes nicotine. the drugs im noy worried about. I quit smoking for good 4 weeks ago and have not smoked anything since. my question is this: will i be on the clear when it comes time to pass the nicotine portion. i used to smoke 6 to 7 cigs. sometimes less and sometimes not at all per day. i tried out a cotinine test kit which read negative. also does anyone know how sensative the testing procedures for urine actually are? thank you