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  1. 28 minutes ago, bjun said:


    I just got placed on "conditional acceptance - supplemental". Did everyone get this or is this some sort of a waitlist?

    I think it means you got accepted you just have to submit your criminal record and immunizations before it’s considered full acceptance. Congrats! What does your last name start with?

  2. 8 hours ago, Hello2221 said:

    Have you guys heard from admissions as to when they will let us know? 

    Nope, I'm not sure if anyone else has either. But looking from the other forums of people who applied to the April intake, it looks like they started getting their acceptance letters towards the end of October. 


    23 hours ago, bjun said:

    Do you know by when we have to complete the CASPer??

    I sent admissions an e-mail but I didn't get a reply back yet.

    It says on the website that Aug 6 is the final test day for the April 2020 intake! Make sure reserve the test date if you want to apply.