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  1. LPN Retired

    RN Disciplined While Waiting On Covid 19 Result

    Your employer is screwing you really bad . like it was your fault, getting sick, after being exposed to the virus. Can you file for unemployment. Do something, fight back.
  2. LPN Retired

    The COVID 19 Battle Cry for Retired Nurses

    Not me. I'm on disability due to a heart condition, so its just too risky for me. I'm staying home, avoiding contact with other people. Just trying to,keep myself from getting sick. I do, however, think of all the nurses out there, on the front lines, dealing with this. My heart and My prayers are with you every minute of everyday , praying for your safety, and for your strength to be renewed each day . I pray this ends soon.
  3. LPN Retired

    Has anyone left nursing job due to COVID19 virus?

    The hospital should let you stay there. Wouldn't there be an empty room, somewhere?
  4. LPN Retired

    Unreasonable Risks are not part of the job

    No, the LPNS AND THE Cnas are gona be the ones taking actual care of the patients. In the room , assisting with bedside care, emptying bedpans and urinals.
  5. LPN Retired

    Forced Quarantine

    WOW!. That's horrible! That dies not sound legal to me. I would call an attorney to see what he says.
  6. LPN Retired

    I quit

    You may be stepping out of the frying pan into the fire. Nursing homes are hard .,
  7. LPN Retired

    Coronavirus-Are we ready to talk about rationing care?

    Surely not everyone will need hospitalization . Some people don't even show SX's, and some people recover easily with minor treatment. If people will stay home a bit more, avoiding crowds, and practice good hand washing , maybe most people can avoid it .
  8. LPN Retired

    Would this be considered abandonment?

    That's really bad, but they pull that bs on people all the time. But it's kind of hard to leave, all those patients needing a nurse there, and needing their meds and all. And if you have the keys, who are you,gona turn over the narcotic count and the keys to if no one comes in to relieve you . it must be a pretty bad place to work, if they can't keep enough staff for each shift. I say, run , dont walk, to the time clock as soon as you get relief. You can't keep that kind of stuff up day after day.
  9. LPN Retired

    Coronavirus (COVID-19): We Want to Hear from You

    Exactly. They think. Oh , I,just have to run out and pick,up few things . I'm not that contagious. I won't be close to anybody. Thing is they sneeze or cough, and somebody else walks thru that airspace and the spread has gone further. I honestly stay home when I'm sick . I don't feel like getting out and mixing with people.
  10. LPN Retired

    Terminated the third week into my orientation

    WOW!. That is rough . I worked about 40 years as an LPN, in 3 different states through that time. I was never late, not one time. I was taught in nursing school, you get up and be there, on time. I even worked 2 jobs at once for awhile, and looking back I don't know how I did it, but I was always on time. I was chasing that dollar bill and to get it I had to be there on time. I didn't want to be docked not one hour. I'm still payingbforbthose 2 jobs tho, in bad sleep habits and I've been retired now about 9 years . hard to,get back to normal.
  11. My mother met and married her last husband in the hospital she worked in . was a horrible marriage, but they were together until he passed 2000. I think about 25-30 years. I never did understand though, what she saw in him. But it was her and not me, altho us 3 kids did suffer for it, But she didn't see that . she thought we should just roll over and accept it because she did. Not a good thing to do, IMO.
  12. LPN Retired

    They locked up all the masks in security 😳

    I don't think they know everything about this virus right now. They say you don't need a mask,if you're not sick . I've read and seen people on tv spraying and wiping down surfaces, so they are thinking you get it by touching surfaces contaminated with it . and it also seems that every other day or so two or three people pop up with it in a new state. If they cant really figure out the mode of transmission we are in trouble. Just seems all very confusing to me .
  13. LPN Retired

    Frustrating Nurse Family Members

    Can you nicely, sweetly, ask them what their degree is and where they went to school?
  14. It's hard for me to believe that actually is happening on a wide scale.
  15. That's what I was kind of thinking . why are they asking that question . to see if you admit to one or not? They would probably,think you're lying if you say you,haven't made a mistake. So I wonder what their reason is for asking that .
  16. Heck no, not me. I get there in time to put my purse away and do the narcotic count with off going nurses, and restock anything on the med cart that might need restocking . each shift was supposed to do that at the end off their shift, and empty the trash, and put on new trash bag . but I like to see that everything I'm going to need is there. Water pitchers filled, fresh pudding cup, etc. I get there on time to let offgoing nurses time to count and wrap up their shift. I expect my relief to be on time as well. 8 hrs was enough thank you .

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