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  1. CantEscape

    Affinity monitoring

    Anyone have experience with using Affinity for their drug monitoring program? My consent order has me doing 2 urines and 1 peth test every month and so far this month I’ve had 3 urines and a peth. Maybe making up for a urine for the month of April bc of Covid since I only got pulled once which was for a urine and my peth? Just spending a TON of money right now on testing. 4/29 $200 for peth and urine, 5/1 $50 for urine, 5/6 $50 for urine, 5/13 $200 for peth and urine and $50 for monthly monitoring fee. It’s adding up quickly!! Both tests from 5/13 now say “Test Suspended” and “No Result”. All of the others obviously resulted (and all negative) but I’m just wondering wth is going on?!?! I’m not made of money and if I get tested again this month it should be on the house!! Or if that “Test Suspended” is a mess up I better not be charged for it. I’ve never seen that before!! #frustrated #venting #lookingforguidance
  2. Hi! I saw your original post and I recently had to report to the GA BON and am scared to death!! I’d love some or any advice if you have some!

  3. CantEscape

    Scared to death

    I live in GA and went to treatment for alcohol approximately a year ago a half ago. I had my license renewal this past January and naively answered yes to the question “Have you sought treatment for drugs or alcohol within the past 5 years?” The Board required a few things shortly after which I complied with all and have heard nothing since. Out of nowhere I receive this 10 page consent letter requiring me to do a plethora of things, amongst them start peth testing. Which depending on how soon I am required to start I will FAIL!!!! I am completely FREAKING OUT right now. I am hoping someone can PLEASE HELP ME!! Does anyone have experience with this?!?! There is no getting around a blood test. I’ve never done drugs, and went to treatment because my drinking was out of control at a really bad period in my life. I had no idea the Board was going to do this to me and now I’m potentially SCREWED!!!! Please somebody give me some advise!!!

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