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  1. VykingboyRN

    Why the double standard.

    Being 100% honest, because of the era we live in, #metoo, and social expectations that are alive and well, I didn’t EVEN GET THE TRAINING NECESSARY in 10 years of Nursing MS, ER, Critical Care to conduct a female procedure. In Nursing School, we were run out of the room time and time again. But that’s not #Discrimination, that’s “Culture.” It’s not a double-standard to me, it’s a double edged sword. Strangely, never had a female refuse me to go pull up or take to the restroom, a 500 lb female, all the sudden a male is just fine.
  2. VykingboyRN

    Hope after License Revocation...

    Absolutely! There was just no one to give me hope, only sympathy/empathy. This whole career I planned on, gone. Stories of RN’s and APRN’s working at Walmart and McDonalds, No... Your skills will transfer over to many, many, many other trades. And, I just witnessed an Engineer get his first Felony DUI(third DUI), think he for one day had to worry about his profession? Nope. He was working the day he got out on bond. We got to stop devaluating ourselves and thinking we lost out livelihood. I would consider it a Nightmare, to wake up now, and this was all just a dream- and I’m due for a Nursing Shift, Lol!!! I’ve NEVER been more happier, or made more money. I’m not unique, I know of one BSN that works at Nissan making $36/Hr, another ADN I graduated with that sales John Deere Implements and makes more than I do now:/ The same charisma and success driven attitude that got anyone through Nursing School, can take them ANYWHERE!!!! Follow your heart and mind back to the road that leads to happiness, and above all, precious freedom.
  3. VykingboyRN

    I am scared of being fired as a new grad

    You don’t have to believe me, I know that tearing feeling that you’ve chose the wrong profession, this is all nuts, everything is going wrong... You’ll look back and laugh(internally) one day watching a newbie clawing their way to keep their head above water... As for now, make a cheat sheet, put every thought of a task down, even if it’s a fleeting thought that hits you when finally get to pee, lol. Do not leave until all those tasks are checked or highlighted. Trying to balance all those tasks and goals in your mind will burn you out with just a couple admits and discharges. You can only do one thing at a time, but you CAN eat a whole elephant!!! Just ONE BITE AT A TIME!!! Once it’s all down on paper, on a cheat XY grid (room=x, time/1 hr increments =y) in front of you, it’s much easier to prioritize your time on a rolling basis, and get tasks done on time in each goal’s hour window. I typed mine up, by the end of the day it looked like a War Zone Map. I developed my own shorthand with symbols and marks. By the end of the day I could give an accurate report off it. Organization and Time Management will get better with experience, but planning can start right now, and will get you there much faster! best of luck!!!!
  4. VykingboyRN

    What does your username mean?

    My name is “VykingboyRN,”... That’s because I come from a long line of Norwegians, and I misspelled Viking purposefully because I live in the “South,” where it is said that way -Vyking, and there are very few Norwegians in the US Deep South outside of Texas,(Not in TX). -Boy, well, that is self explanatory. Vykingman sounded so serious, and not nearly as playful, young, and easygoing as I am. RN because I didn’t want the alphabet soup or letters that followed it, after all, I am a Pragmatic Norwegian Boy, not big on being a tall poppy, and I rarely feel like my credentials prepared me half as much as the “experience” they opened me up to Plus I’m a little timid being Scandinavian and all, but love the dry humor that can catch some off guard. Nothing like hearing a laugh 10 seconds later down the hall.
  5. VykingboyRN

    Hope after License Revocation...

    My life past “BON” are documented on Instagram, under “Vykingboy.” Never give up! “You only live once.”
  6. VykingboyRN

    Board Ordered IPN

    As a been there, done that RN with a BSN, MSN, and MPH,... The legal and Nursing World still 100% “In Practice,” still sees “addiction,” as a crime, not a “disease.” My advise will always be to pick up the pieces of your life, and spend your energy and knowledge somewhere else for awhile. The education even an AAS or ADN Nurse receives prepares you for many many careers paying $50K plus, until you are mentally, spiritually, and financially ready to face the BON. You may even find, Like me, it’s not worth the fight when so many other basic needs need you worse, and are willing to pay much more for your knowledge and experience with much more respect and support than “Nursing,” ever gave you. All I am saying, is keep your eyes and heart open to where you are NEEDED and can THRIVE with the education and preparation the Path you took gave you to a success you wouldn’t believe possible just by thinking “out of the box.” It was just yesterday I led an RN(AAS) to a $76K position in AL with an Industry needing a Environmental, Health, and Safety Supervisor Position. It is a position she loves, and has no plans to ever contact BON again. She, like me, has already been offered Tuition Reimbursement back for a Engineering Degree with University of AL contingent upon 2 years of work post degree. Opportunities for Growth and Success abound around you, even now.
  7. VykingboyRN

    Career Advancement After Discipline

    I would just remind you that the education you have ALREADY received will serve you very well in many research, many Laboratory Settings not having to do with human health, and many things that do have to do with health. Regardless, I hope your happiness and fulfillment are only temporary hindered by this seemingly “permanent” thing. You obviously still have a lot to give, I pray you find a way to make it a win-win as I did. I have fulfillment now that Nursing was never able to give me, but it took that path(good and bad), to get “here.” Perhaps your path leads to a similar place if you direct it there. Never give up, or “settle,” for good enough.
  8. VykingboyRN

    Hope after License Revocation...

    @Voicefamily, Until my Engineering Job moved me out to the Savannah River Region of GA and SC, my Primary Physician was a Recovering Addict in Jackson, MS. He had been through the Board of Medicine Ringer(And now is ON THE BOARD OF MEDICINE), helping also to direct several Political Matters in my former state as they relate to Addiction and Controlled Medication Matters. He was my Suboxone Provider, and the “Director of my Recovery.” I don’t know what kind of future you want to pursue in Medicine, but I can tell you with 100% assuredness, I wouldn’t have a success story had it not been for Suboxone to lead a “Normal-Productive Life.” He is moving his Recovery Efforts into a Private Practice that has already netted him more income than he received before as a “ER Doc,” in small MS Critical Care Access Hospitals. Plus, that is separate from his income from working with the MS Board of Medicine. I pray you recover the lifestyle, the status, and influence you EARNED very soon. We NEED you!!! The World needs you, and if anyone was “disposable,” it was “me.” This World would have gone on fine without me- but it is hurting daily in your absence. I pray for the healing(in every aspect you need). Being totally honest, the 12 steps didn’t work for me- but it has for MILLIONS!!! And I don’t doubt it’s power to heal!!! My story was more “Dual Diagnosis vs Self Medicating,” and once the underlying condition was treated, I got better. I got healthy. My only point there(because sometimes we can’t see what is right in front of us,” please make sure you are healing everything that needs it! Physicians are probably exposed to more trauma than ANY of us, and receive the least care, empathy, and thoughts from us below them. You know we see you as something more than “human,” as “we are, and see ourselves.” I can’t imagine the toll of being expected to be a “God,” takes on a mere “man.” But society expects it nonetheless- and it robs you of the healing you deserve and need. That said, I can tell it in your spirit and from your writing, your strength that led you to awesome things/terrible things, will also see you through to the other side, where you are telling a story more grand than mine one day. You’ve already laid the ground work, now it’s just for the right direction to lay that restless energy, and you’ll be an unstoppable force that no immoveable object can stand in the way of. You’ll remember what you’ve already come through, and your troubles will be obstacles you trample over. I have a feeling that’s the person people would already explain “they know you as.” You will defy this thing.
  9. VykingboyRN

    What size are you in scrubs??

    My wife can still wear the SAME earrings she wore in High School!!! Just thought that worthy of breaking the ice before asking a female dominated field their sizes, Wink Wink... All in Good Humor, Lol.
  10. VykingboyRN

    Hope after License Revocation...

    My lowest point was walking into that dormitory style jail room, and to be 100% honest, the only white boy in room of 11 other guys(of minority background) that immediately looked at me as if I was the enemy, Lol. “Surely I was born with a Silver Spoon up my , and had probably done the unthinkable...” When the talking and listening started over the next 8 days, I began to realize those who’d never been given a chance in the first place... The education of therapeutic communication didn’t fail me, and they felt heard. Common ground was found, and they realized we had more in common than what separated us, and I realized even with the low socioeconomic problems I grew up with were no match to the life crippling trauma these guys had faced. Never feeling “Loved,” or “accepted.” It’s no wonder our society creates psychopaths and sociopaths who have a survival mentality. It’s amazing how in that short 8 days, the healing those men came through, the opening of their hearts, the ability to be honest when even a jail room was made a safe place to get the poison out. To see the facades of strength melt into what they “really felt.” That was my eye opener. To know there’s people who look at you, and see what you can be, not what you are. I have heard addict after addict say, If I had put 1/2 the energy I put into my addiction into “Life,” God know’s where I would be. That’s all I done different. I kept that same energy going- to a better place. It’s like the quote, “Don’t go for the Money, because if you succeed, that’s ALL you’ll have.... Instead, Go for Success, because, If You Dare Obtain It, THEY WILL THROW THE MONEY AT YOU!!!! Success, Youth, Happiness, Contentment, Gratitude, Loving Life, and Not Being Afraid to Fail(Hard),... They are all MIND SETS!!! See the Cup Half Full
  11. VykingboyRN

    Hope after License Revocation...

    @voicefamily, 100% !!! Funny, my original dream was Allopathic Medicine, and it felt like a hot iron to the heart when I knew my past actions placed that out of reach for me, when I accepted it as a ship that left the port without me. Then I realized, I just want to leave this World better than I found it. I realized through Medical Missions abroad early as an RN, their most desperate needs were beyond my education(that I thought would change the World), Lol! I didn’t know how to dig a well to provide fresh water, or community development... (Teach a man to fish...) Now I have those skills, and we have changed so much through UNICEF, UNHCR, and some more obscure efforts to bring light into darkness. I realized one again Maslow’s Pyramid, and reconfigured my life to overcome my illness, my stupid ego, and to just “Help.” I am most grateful for second chances, to get it right this time around. I could have overdosed as a criminal, been a lost soul, a scorned being(could have took my own introverted-wasted life),... but I saw the Light, now I just want to share it. That WAS NOT just me. YOUR SELF, IS THE HARDEST PERSON YOU WILL EVER HAVE TO FORGIVE! Freedom follows, Like you will never believe!!! What comes next is Epiphany, Growth, and life lived out Loud!!!
  12. VykingboyRN

    *****! Criminal charges!

    Even if you go with a “Public Defender,” ask about Court Deferred Prosecution, or Court Diversion Program. First Time Non-Violent Offenders will almost always get this, and the charges will drop, after you complete the time and fees. I had to call once a month, and pay monthly fees and my whole story is on “Hope after Revocation,” of what came of my Accusation, Legal Issues, and the Aftermath. This is not the end or the beginning of the end, it’s just a speed bump- You will come through this to the other side. Prayers
  13. VykingboyRN

    Hope after License Revocation...

    I am just stubborn and a terminal optimist. Look at what we have survived. I have NEVER met ANYONE in Recovery that hasn’t experienced TRAUMA. Events that would break the weak, but we self medicated our pain because we knew no other way, we are survivors. Now that we know better, we do better- some of us will fall, but I promise!! No I Swear It!! Every successful person I know of, can tell you of a string of failures, they develop a legacy forged by fire and pressure. The “Strength” of those in recovery has taken my breath away. I am so glad you stopped by, I hope you having a great day, and it’s a good restful weekend for you and yours
  14. VykingboyRN

    For those who have had license revoked

    It was around 4 years later from self report, but if you lawyered up in time, this may blow past, and they decided not to pursue. I have learned the MS BON is mostly motivated by what the AG does, so if having a lawyer, and lack of evidence is in your favor, I pray it all blows over for you. Doing rehab and the work I done to prove sobriety kept me from felony charges, and saved my future. It led to the Court Diversion that dropped the charges... That was in the shape of a Suboxone Program if you struggle with withdrawals, or feel like you may relapse- see a Suboxone Dr., it will save your future! And keep you feeling healthy. If you managed to stay clean without that type of help, you are already ahead of me. I just want you to be comfortable in your recovery. I wish we could Sue Big-Pharma for destroying our lives with medications that cause a “disease.” Not Criminals. I am exhausted after a crazy week of trying to get a Paper Mill in Compliance with Wastewater Release, but if you need me to answer any more questions, let me know, I’m here for you. You sound well prepared, and I hope it goes much smoother than my experience! Soon, I’ll have PM privileges, I just don’t have enough “Quality Post’s” yet. You are not alone, I’m here, and been there-done that;). Chin Up. Until Next Time....
  15. VykingboyRN

    For those who have had license revoked

    Tiff, I wish I could give you better news... The MS BON works Sllllooooowww. It took them 3 1/2 years for my case, 2 renewals after 5 hospital complaints against me, two in TX(I made a hot mess across 3 States Travel Nursing...). MS was my primary “Compact State.” It was 3 1/2 years after getting a “Cease practice” letter from the TX BON where I was traveling. Then, 4 years later, after the incident(turning myself in to MS BON admitting EVERYTHING), after 90 days of rehab, intensive outpatient, jumping through every BON loop perfectly- I had been taking a nap, in my home. I worked Night Shift at a Power-plant to pay my way through Engineering School at UM; I was watching “Little House on the Prairie,” and eating a biscuit in my “basement man-cave.” I heard a Police Car hit it’s alarm(the way they do to get a speeder’s attention. It was the County Sheriff’s Dept. I spent eight days in jail awaiting my arraignment. He took me to a Courthouse, Where 5 Felony Grand Larceny Charges were handed down(not even going through Grand Jury(needed Lawyer) on a paper. They hit me for “Retail Value,” of every narc I gave IN A METRO ER, and every dose after first complaint!!!! I only took, and only admitted to wastes... and it’s the truth. I did it all without a Lawyer. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT, But I didn’t have the “ability.” My guilt wanted me to come clean, and they charged me for more... I did pretrial diversion, then finished the BON’s RNP-program starting all over again. 5 years. So that my Engineering Education wouldn’t be compromised- I needed to keep the BON happy. In all, it cost me thousands more than having a lawyer would have, and I wouldn’t have had to go to jail many years later. Everything said to the board goes to the AG. I learned the hard way there’s no reward for honesty. Get a Lawyer and press the issue, It doesn’t go away, they are just years behind, and it took them 4 years to destroy my life, clean and sober, in a Non-Nursing Position, keeping up with my Rules and Regs, and because of jail days, I couldn’t make screens, and was forced into revocation for non-compliance. 4 years into 5 year contract! If I could go back, I’d have sold a Kidney to get a Lawyer. It’s amazing how much of our life CAN BE “SURRENDERED” to the BON. All discovery coming from what I told the BON Investigator. (Who told me if I followed the BON’s Orders, all the rest would go away... Wrong!!!!!! It nearly broke me, but they didn’t. Now I make more than I ever would in Nursing- even advanced practice. So don’t forget this IS NOT the end for you regardless of what happens. You did Nursing School, YOU CAN DO ANYTHING. And the Abuse is MUCH LESS! Love and Prayers!!!!!!!!!!
  16. VykingboyRN

    Jobs while license is suspended

    I’ll be frank and quick, look into water treatment, best secret in industry. Your nursing education has prepared you more than you know for other high paying jobs that you can search google for(and see that it only requires a High School Diploma), and pays upwards of $55K a year to start, and more with on the job certifications. This is just one answer several RNs/LPNs/LVNs/“X”SN’s have discovered. Health, Safety, and Environmental Jobs are some of the fastest growing in the industry, and pay more than most mean RN Salaries. Research it Please;) btw, I dropped out of monitoring, faced revocation, and later- after I was financially and mentally stable, faced the BON healthy and financially independent. That. Felt. Great!