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  1. FutureRN2FNP

    Direct Entry MSN 2020 at Columbia University

    Hey everyone, I am anticipating the acceptance/denials if I get denied I will literally cry. This is such a dream of mine and I am so nervous as time gets closer. If I am accepted I am going to celebrate and scream of happiness!
  2. FutureRN2FNP

    Direct Entry MSN 2020 at Columbia University

    Hi icuhopeful95, What did you think about the video essay and timed writing portion? I am sure it won't knock you down fully as they take a look at applications holistically, I went in person to discuss my concerns, and she said they look at the statement of purpose, strong letter of recommendations, there is no GPA requirement and they are no longer requiring the GRE, so lets be hopeful!! Good luck to you and I hope we all get in!!
  3. Hello Everyone, The applications for June 2020 at Columbia University has now opened. I haven't seen any new threads for this year so I wanted to start one. I am in the process of applying and half way done! References already sent their recommendations!! and an upside to this year is that Columbia University is no longer requiring the GRE. SO I am pretty happy about that!! Good Luck!

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