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  1. Red Shirt 6

    Trying to switch to ICU

    If there are any specialty training, certifications for NICU and ICU that you have you could present as needing less training and will integrate fast.
  2. Red Shirt 6

    Nursing shortage is BS

    I read that there was a projected nursing shortage that has been taken care of. I have also talked HR people and they have told me that want nurses that are trained, certified, rather than training and certifying an employee that might leave for something better.
  3. Red Shirt 6

    RN career development path

    Oriental Medicine is an area that may be of interest.
  4. Red Shirt 6

    Movies/TV with rural healthcare as part of the plot/setting

    I did forget about Medicine Man and Contagion (2011) is the name of the movie you are thinking of. I own the China Beach DVD's although I think of that as a war/military rather than rural. I am writing a paper on myths and realities of rural healthcare. I believe many of the myths of rural healthcare come from entertainment. So I thought that would be a good place to start. As I was finding things I noticed that Nurses perspective and stories are minimal at best, and being in/going into the nursing field I am very interested in how Nurses are portrayed as well as their stories. I feel nurses are really overlooked in this sub genera. (I was also hoping to be proven wrong about the overlooked thing). At this point I have enough to be able to write it and I am starting on the next phase. I want to thank everybody for their interest and commits.
  5. Red Shirt 6

    Movies/TV with rural healthcare as part of the plot/setting

    I do not believe that this is going to get anymore commits so I wrote a brief synopsis of everything I found. For the people that are interested but do not want to look up a bunch of stuff. Thank you for reading . Arachnophobia (1990) A Doctor tired of city life moves to the country town of Canaima, California with his family to start a practice. While this is happening an invasive hybrid spider is spreading through out the area. The Doctor, a spider expert, a local exterminator, and the sheriff must work together to save the town. Call the Midwife (2012-?) Based on the Midwife Trilogy by Jennifer Worth [First published 2002] the TV series of the nurses, midwifes, and nuns that live and work in London's East End during the 1950’s. The Chosen One A.K.A. O Escolhido (2019) Three Doctors go to a remote village in Pantanal, Brazil to vaccinate against the Zika virus. Once there the Doctors clash with a local faith healer Christmas Under Wraps (2014) After Doctor Lauren Brunell is not selected for a position she wanted she moves to a small town in Alaska. The usual Hallmark TV Christmas movie things happen. The Clinic on the Sea (2013) Dr. Sezaki Kota a young doctor that is a little too eager with women starts working on a traveling Boat Clinic that serves the small islands off of Japan. Country Remedy AKA Simple Things (2007) To become head of pediatrics at a Chicago Hospital Dr. Evan Gibbs has to set up a clinic in the North Carolina. In the Mountains of North Carolina he reconnects with his son, and learns about life. Doc Hollywood (1991) Based on the book What? Dead Again? By Neil B Shulman [First Published 1979]. a young Doctor driving cross country from D.C. to California. On this trip he takes a wrong turn into rural Grady, South Carolina. Where he crashes his car into a fence and must preform community service as the town Doctor. Doc Martian (2004-2019) A top surgeon becomes the GP in a small eccentric coastal town of Portwenn where he had spent his summers as a child. Dr. Koto's Clinic (2003) After making a dramatic mistake in Tokyo; Dr. Koto goes to work at a clinic serving a small island off of Okinawa. Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman (1993-1998) Post Civil War a woman Doctor from Boston is hired to be the town Doctor in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Once there she proves herself as a Doctor, adopts 3 children, has a romance with a mountain man, and make a home for herself. Everwood (2002-2006) Widowed Doctor Andrew Brown moves his family New York City to Everwood, Colorado. Where things are more challenging then he expected. Finding Normal (2013) Dr. Lisa Leland is driving from Los Angles to New York gets arrested in Normal, North Carolina for traffics violations. Where she has to serve the local community as a Doctor The Good Karma Hospital (2017-2019) An English Doctor Ruby Walker wanting a fresh start decides to take a job in India at a nice new modern hospital only to discover she actually she signed up to work at a run down, under staffed Good Karma Hospital. There she grows as a person and a Doctor. Hart of Dixie (2011-2015) Dr. Zoe Hart has her life planned out until she loses her residency and discovers her father is not her biological father. So she seeks out her biological father only to learn he died and left her his practice in Bluebell, Alabama. The Heart Guy A.K.A. Doctor Doctor (2016-?) A hard partying heart surgeon Dr. Hugh Knight gets into trouble one too many times and has to serve community service as a Doctor his rural home of Whyhope as a GP in the towns under resourced hospital. Hospital Ship A.K.A. 병원선 / Byeong-Wonseon (2017) Young Doctors with different specialties provide medical care for island communities of South Korea aboard a hospital ship. The Indian Doctor (2010-2013) In 1963 Dr. Perm Sharma and his wife relocate from India to a Welsh mining town to be the towns Doctor. Northern Exposure (1990-1995) Recent Graduate New York Doctor Joel Fleischman has to work in rural Cicely, Alaska to pay back the state for paying his way through medical school. Nurses On The Line: The Crash of Flight 7 A.K.A. Lost In The Wild (1993) Based on a true story a group of Student Nurses and Doctors traveling to a medical station in rural Mexico crash lands in the rain forest after an engine malfunction. The Royal (2003-2011) Set in the 1960's the staff of St Aidan's Royal Free Hospital deal with changing times, money problems and community health in a the seaside town in Great Britain. Royal Pains (2009-2016) Dr. Hank Lawson loses his job in New York after a wealthy patient dies in his care. Hank and his account brother and a Physicians Assistant create a Concierge Doctor Practice in the Hampton's. Summer 2007 (2007) After getting in over his head in politics a Medical Student decides to get out of town for a while. He convinces several of his friends/class mates to do their internship at what they believe will be a modern clinic in an upper class area. Instead they are sent to a poor rural area.
  6. Red Shirt 6

    Movies/TV with rural healthcare as part of the plot/setting

    I found three more movies for the list. The Indian Doctor (2010-2013) The Royal (2003-2011) The Clinic on the Sea (2013)
  7. Red Shirt 6

    Movies/TV with rural healthcare as part of the plot/setting

    I found one Hallmark movie, I will have to look thru the Lifetime lists. I do have several non US title, they are Doc Martin, The Good Karma Hospital, The Heart Guy, Hospital Ship, and Summer 2007. I have an idea for an article I would like to write but I have run into a few challenges like the fact that the original list there is not one Nurse protagonist it is all Doctors. The 9 movies that take place in the US all take place within 5 states: Colorado (2), California (1), Alabama (1), Alaska (2), and North Carolina (3). Thank you for the help KBRN2002
  8. I am looking for Movies/TV with rural healthcare as part of the plot/setting for a personal project. I have found a few Movies/TV shows they are listed below; In alphabetical order. Arachnophobia (1990) Christmas Under Wraps (2014) Country Remedy A.K.A. Simple Things (2007) Doc Hollywood (1991) Doc Martian (2004-2019) DR. Quinn Medicine Woman (1993-1998) Everwood (2002-2006) Finding Normal (2013) The Good Karma Hospital (2017-2019) Hart of Dixie (2011-2015) The Heart Guy A.K.A. Doctor Doctor (2016-2019) Hospital Ship (2017) Northern Exposure (1990-1995) Summer 2007 (2007)
  9. Red Shirt 6

    Ways to improve?

    Not repeating what has already been stated. Having a break from the routine, Working the same floor/area can get to you. Cross training or a temporary job swap. Help the staff in releasing physical pain. Having a free option for the staff to have chiropractor and massage sessions on a regular basis.
  10. Red Shirt 6

    Is It Too Demeaning to be a CNA?

    I have read through what has been written and it is obvious that being a CNA does not really appeal to you. So I believe if you become a CNA you will get burned out fast. I suggest that you look into the EMT, or CMA programs.
  11. Red Shirt 6

    I am lost

    Along with everything TriciaJ advised. If you have not started minimizing your belongings start now. Take care of your mail situation. If you are driving your personal car get a tune up. If possible give yourself a couple of weeks in the new city before starting the new job.
  12. Red Shirt 6

    September 2019 Caption Contest

    Caught between the Billing Dept. and a PBS Pledge Driver. He could only hope Death would be the next one through the door. This bad joke was made possible by viewers like you. Please Support Your Local PBS Station.
  13. Red Shirt 6

    Where are NPs most/least in demand?

    I have found that cities and the nearby towns with colleges/university's that teach NP, PA, RN and other medical fields are the most saturated. Try 3RNET.org it is a not-for-profit organization of 49 states who place health professionals primarily in rural and underserved communities.
  14. Red Shirt 6

    CNA vs EMT for pre-nursing student

    If you plan to work in an Emergency Dept. the EMT will be helpful. If you are planning/wanting to work in a different part of the hospital it is not as helpful. If you want to Check out the Student Doctor Network.net they have a lot of discussions on which is better.
  15. Red Shirt 6

    September 2019 Caption Contest

    In a world where antibiotics have stopped being effective; the STI got a lot scarier.
  16. Red Shirt 6

    1st Sem. Nursing student: Shaking in my scrubs

    They say there is some truth in fiction so You can watch a few movies about Nurse or medical school like The White Parade (1934), Four Girls In White (1939), Gross Anatomy (1989), Patch Adams (1998), Bad Medicine (1985). Then remember that the Professor is going to teach you what you need to know to pass the class; and to follow the good advice the other posters have already stated.