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  1. I have asked, and unfortunately, I'm stuck with what I got! Thank you for the reply 🙂
  2. Don't get me wrong, I love psych, and I love where I work! I am just one to always think of my future and oftentimes worry about if the things that I am doing now will be of benefit to me in the long run. Now that you mention it though, I would say that some of the greatest strengths are building rapport with patients and having that therapeutic communication! Thank you for your reply 🙂
  3. Hi all! I am currently in my second year of nursing school, and I love it so far. However, I can't help but feel like I am not getting the experience/exposure that I need. I'm a PCA at a children's behavioral facility and I work in the psychiatric crisis unit. It is essentially the ED of behavioral health. The PCAs in this department take vital signs during triage and are also responsible for doing glucose tests, and EKGs (if a patient comes in for intentional ingestion). There are not many times though that the PCAs have to do glucose tests or EKGs, so the most that I am really doing is just getting vital signs. I talked to some of the students in my class, and a lot of them are PCAs also, but they work on units like burn units, cardiac units, urgent care, or the ED, so they get to experience and witness so much more than me. Of course, there is also the option of looking for other places to work that would give me the experience that I am looking for, but the place that I work at now is very flexible with my schedule (which will be wonderful for when clinicals roll around) and there is enough downtime on some days to get homework done or study. I am doubtful that it would be the same elsewhere. So this poses the question of: do I find a new job to get experience, or do I stay at the job I have now and take advantage of the flexible schedule and downtime? My grades are fantastic, and I've been on the dean's list since I've first started nursing school, and I can't help but wonder if it's due to a combination of the time that I spend at home studying, in addition to the time that I have while at work. Questions: How important is it to have a job in the medical field while in nursing school? Is it important at all? Do people who are exposed to more medical things while in nursing school do better overall? Will medical units want to hire me when I am a new grad seeing that I have only worked in psych? Please share your thoughts! Thanks!
  4. Hello all! I recently got hired as a PCA for a new children's Behavioral Health Hospital. I'm very excited, but I can't help but feel extremely nervous. I have never worked with any kind of psychiatric patient before. The closest kind of experience that I have had with this would probably be briefly working in the Memory Care unit as an STNA, having to deal with the aggression and confusion that came with it sometimes, but I'm almost 100% sure that it doesn't even begin to compare to psych. I am in Behavioral Health training at the moment, learning about what to do, and what not to do, in certain situations, along with verbal de-escalation, which I happen to think I won't be very good at, at all, and learning holds, restraints, and blocking techniques to protect ourselves when a patient does escalate. I haven't visited the new building that I will be working at yet; I will be going in a few days. The more I think about actually starting soon (in the next few weeks), the more nervous I get. As embarrassing as it is, I also can't help but feel as though I will be intimidated by these kids 😟 I really do not wish to feel intimidated and show these kids that I somewhat fear them, I want to do nothing but help them. So, I guess my questions to you guys who have had some psych experience is: What do I look out for when I begin working at this new Behavioral Health Hospital? What do I need to do to not feel so intimidated by them? Could you give me any situation that you were in with a psych patient, and what you did in that situation? Please, do not take any of this the wrong way. It is just how I feel. I went into this field because I have a passion for it, but I guess I just didn't thoroughly think about it, and how it might make me feel; fearful. Nonetheless, I am still very excited. Any advice is greatly appreciated!
  5. Hi guys! I am very soon to be working for a temp agency to work as a CNA for different facilities. I have been through CNA training, classes, and clinicals. I passed and got my license at the end of last year, but during the clinicals, I got assigned to a CNA who didn't ever let me do anything by myself, so I didn't gain any hands-on experience whatsoever. I asked my recruiter if any orientation or training will be provided for me on my first day at my first facility. He said no, but that I could possibly come in 10 or 15 minutes early on my first day to ask any questions that I might have, but even then, I feel like I won't be comfortable doing anything based off of answered questions! I would feel more comfortable if someone were with me to guide me, at least for my first day, because I'm usually a quick learner. My recruiter knows that I don't have much experience at all, so why would he throw me to the wolves? I just really don't want to mess anything up! I feel like once I get the hang of it at this first facility, then my experiences at the rest of the facilities I go to in the future will become better. Any feedback or advice will be greatly appreciated!