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  1. shirayukihime

    Denial of financial aid for previous associates degree

    Do they counted the LVN program too? I am able to get financial aid for my Lvn program, and after that I am going for my Adn and after that my Bsn. What I am worrying about is if I will be able to get tuition aid for my Adn program after my Lvn program?
  2. shirayukihime

    CNI College - ADN Application Process

    Hi. Just wanted to know, what are the schedule of classes are like for aDn program in CNI college? Is the class 2 or 3 days a week?
  3. shirayukihime

    ADN or LVN to RN. Help. Which one?

    Hi. Thank you for the advice. I decided to go for a part time LVn program school in Garden Grove for 20 months. With that I can work and go to school at the same time. I am already enrolled, and my classes will start on September, and will be finish on 2021. I know it is too long. Thank you very much for the response. I decided to go for an LvN because if everything happens, I still have my LVn license. If I can, I am going to pursue AdN after that.
  4. shirayukihime

    Glendale Career College-ADN Program

    What are the schedule of classes are like for Adn program? Do they have part time class or classes like 2 or 3 days classes in a week?
  5. shirayukihime

    ADN or LVN to RN. Help. Which one?

    Hi, guys. I am 27 years old. I will be turning 28 years old on November. I am currently living in California. I am taking my CNA Classes, and will be taking my state exam on August 2019. I want to become an RN and get my bachelor degree in Nursing. I don’t know which route the best way to take. I am thinking of either going to American Career College in Anaheim for LVN or CNI College for ADN. I would like to go to LVN because I can earn more money in LVN than working as a CNA. And then go LVN to RN route but I can’t find any school that accept LVN to RN in Orange County. And I don’t know if I get in right away because I heard you have to finish the prerequisites before admission and I think you have to work as an LVN before applying for LVN to RN class. There’s schools that have LVN to BSN. But it will take me 3 years. Like in West Coast University, it is tempting but I can’t afford to have a 130000 student debt. So I am looking for LVN to RN schools outside Orange County. Maybe in Los Angeles, San Bernardino and Riverside. I don’t want to attend to Community College because I am already 27 years old and I didn’t finish any prerequisites. It will take me years to finish it and get in. I want to become an RN as soon as possible. And also If I would become an RN, there are schools that have RN to MSN program it will take 3 years. Please help me and give me advice.