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  1. I've been a male peds nurse on a general med surg unit for over 4 years now. When I first started on my unit as a new grad, I took care of a teenage male cystic fibrosis patient that preferred having male nurses take care of him. So myself and the other male nurse that works on the unit were his primary nurses whenever he was admitted, and we all have common interests in video games and such things that younger guys do, so during our downtime we would bond with him by playing video games. About 2 years ago he was transitioned over to the adult CF unit, and he makes contact with us to come visit him whenever he gets admitted, which is pretty difficult because I can't leave the unit for extended periods of time while I'm working to visit and play video games like he wants. I wanted to know your thoughts on setting up a day where him and his primary nurses from his old pediatric unit meet up to go bowling. Is this crossing the professional patient relationship? I go back and forth on it with this situation. Welcome to any and all insights and guidance on this situation!