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  1. bonesrn

    St.Augustine or Sarasota?

    Considering a move to Fla. I know pay nog the best. I want a walkable vibrant beach town with good hospital, affordable rentals. Go!
  2. bonesrn

    Fired again

    Confused about you "calling in sick" but still seeing patient's. If we need to call in sick then our schedulers would find another nurse to see our patients that couldn't be moved to another day. It is part do case managing. As for the orders not being on the start of care? When we do a. SOC the first thing we ask the pt for is a copy of their d/c paperwork and our referral has what the MD wants ( PT, RN for...). If your visit was the SOC and it took you a week to get out to his house, that would be a problem in our agency. Pt's need to be seen 24-48 after d/c, joints are usually next day and again, if assigned RN unable to see, scheduler gives to another RN. Communication is key in home care! Also, no matter what the situation, never " let the see you sweat". If you seemed flustered and unsure, coupled with the patient being home a week with no visit, this is what probably prompted the wife to call the MD. Ortho docs are notoriously unforgiving . I am sorry this happened. Take a deep breath and do some self evaluation. Maybe an acute care setting where you have more support from seasoned RN's would be a better fit. I have been a nurse for 17 yrs and would never go to LTC. Keep us posted.
  3. bonesrn

    Input on Gentiva HH

    I interviewed with Gentiva and they were awful! They told me and another nurse two different stories, talked out both sides off their you know what, bad online reviews = NO WAY! I waited until a position opened up in the hospitals HH dept and transferred. So far so good! Like the previous poster said, by staying within the hospital, I retained my seniority, PTO, etc. and if I ever want to transfer back to acute care I can do so. Good Luck!
  4. bonesrn

    Boss taking advantage of me

    Run Forest, run!!
  5. bonesrn

    Help-Freaking out- seeing patients on my own!!

    On call already? No wonder they lost so many nurses! I have been a nurse for 17 years and recently transferred to our hospitals home care dept. I am have been with my preceptor for six weeks and am just now seeing 1-2 patients, routine visits or discharges, under her guidance, and starting next week will see 2 pts on my own, then 3 the next week, then 4, then 6 which is a full load. We work on units, 6 units a day is considered FT. SOC is 3, ROC is 2 and RV is 1. We get 56 cents per mile and anything over 300 miles a week is 1 point for every 50 miles. Anything over 30 units a week is paid at per visit rate which varies if SOC/ROC/RV and more if weekend. So far, so good. Good luck!
  6. bonesrn

    What would you have done?

    911 for sure! Her children can't do anything if she completely passes out, codes in the car, etc. seconds count.
  7. bonesrn

    Compact States

    thank you tarheel...i didn't think it was that difficult to understand. thinking about getting back into travel nursing. usvi is top of list but i seem to get more negative reviews than positive? it is still on the list, but i wanted to hear what those of you who are out in trenchs have to say about the compact states. who seems to have the most assignments? best potential for staying long term and going staff? things to do and see while on assignment? any info, good or bad yes, i mention the usvi ( using the abbreviation is irrelevant, so not sure why the poster felt they had to point out that it wasn't hard to spell, it's just a common abbreviation). however, i said that i was getting more negative feedback, so, i wanted to hear what others had to say about the compact states. very simple request from someone who is exploring their options, no? thanks for all of your help. as for the remark on cctc, my recruiter has been great! i have registered with more than one agency and it doesn't take long to figure out who the good recruiters are, regardless of the company. the recruiter can make or break your assignment, but we also have some accountability in speaking up right from the start, being clear about what we want, and what we won't tolerate. i tell every recruiter that i am registered with other companies, tell them what i want, and then let them bring me the offers. we are in the drivers seat, not them. plans are made, bags are packed...thanks again! :):):):)
  8. bonesrn

    Housing Issues

    Horrible! So much for free private housing, if that is what the agency advertised?? Can you share which agency?
  9. bonesrn

    Connecticut/New England

    Rural isn't really for me :) I'm a city girl and of course I don't mind a 'little' rural, if there are coffee shops, restaurants, museums, etc. within walking distance/downtown, then I would be fine, but if I have to drive and drive to see civilization other than a mom and pop store, I would go nuts! Thanks for the info! I am in Raleigh and know there are several travel assignments in the area. It's a great city!
  10. bonesrn

    Connecticut/New England

    I was sent info on a position in NH, Dartmouth hospital and location Lebanon? Don't know much about the area? Who are you traveling to CT with?
  11. bonesrn

    Taxable rate + Per Diem = need help!

    No location is worth $16! Where is it?? PM me for great recruiter who is above board and explains the whole tax advantage BS in laymans terms! I am just getting back into the travel world and things certainly have changed. Of course, we don't do it to get rich, but what good is paradise if you have no money to enjoy it on your off days?
  12. bonesrn

    Anne Arundel Medical Center

    Anyone have any experience with this hospital? Looking for info on area as well as hospital! Thanks!
  13. bonesrn

    VA Hospital Travelers

    Wow..wasn't aware that VA hospitals used travel nurses? Where are you going and which company has VA contracts?
  14. bonesrn

    TEAS test help

    Ahh..I thought it was a test the hospitals use during orientation like the PBSD? Good Luck!!
  15. bonesrn

    Moving to Rhode Island

    Do you have a link to the survey? I heard good things about Swedish? Any info appreciated. It's been a year since my last post so wondering if things are any better? Thanks!
  16. bonesrn

    Kindred in Nashua

    Hmm...seems to be a trend. I have an offer for interview In Philly. LTAC generally seem to have a high turnover. It's hard work, but with good nurse management, etc. I think it could be a good experience. But, it is long term care, LTC is very different than acute care. Good Luck. Noticed this thread is dead..what gives?

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