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  1. wilderness47

    265 questions is almost guaranteed if your a male.

    No no no lol. I’m legit curious. The click bait was to increase my sample size. 10 out of 12 guys I know including myself have hit 265 after today. It’s fascinating to me. Obviously I’d need an insanely larger sample size to ever come close to proving a point or raising an eyebrow (which isn’t even my goal because ultimately it doesn’t matter), I am legitimately just curious if anyone else had found themselves in this same pattern. When all of your classmates are taking the nclex and the guys are almost all reporting back with 265 it’s a tad odd lol.
  2. wilderness47

    265 questions is almost guaranteed if your a male.

    I hope you know you have to resister for the nclex lol
  3. wilderness47

    265 questions is almost guaranteed if your a male.

    I'm legit curious now. Hopefully some other guys can chime in and rid me of my new tinfoil hat, but I literally just asked every guy I know or work with and kept getting the same answer. So odd. Apparently only 15% of people get all 265.
  4. The amount of males who get all 265 questions is alarming and needs to be looked into. I have a friend who failed twice at 265. I passed at 265. Another friend got all 265 today. 3 other male classmates got all 265. I work with 6 male coworkers. 5 of them got 265. The amount of men in nursing is already a fraction, but the percentile that goes all 265 has to be alarming. In 20 years I am gonna see a commercial saying "If you're a male and took the NCLEX and received all 265 questions you may be entitled to financial compensation."
  5. wilderness47

    UWorld Self Assesment, is UWorld enough?

    I used Uworld and a little bit of Kaplan. I had to stop using Kaplan because their rationales had way too many assumptions and contradicted each other. I probably studied 90% Uworld and 10% Kaplan for roughly 8-9 days total doing 200ish questions a day. I passed the NCLEX yesterday on my first attempt
  6. wilderness47

    Kaplan Review Question for NCLEX

    I had to stop using Kaplan. I would not be able to recommend it to anyone after my experience with it. So many of their rationales were full of assumptions and contradictions from rationales from other questions that it was doing me more harm than good. I learned a TON from Uworld.

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