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  1. Can anyone recommend which way to go for an R.N., working in LTC/skilled nursing to pursue certification in Infection Control/prevention. I have searched the threads and found the word "infection" is a very popular word. Thank you for any information!
  2. https://www.chapmanlawgroup.com/hprpclassaction-motiondismiss/ This is the link to the class action lawsuit in Michigan against the abuse of power of their monitoring program.
  3. jancon201

    Class Action Lawsuit

    I am absolutely in support of this in NJ. total abuse of power here in NJ with RAMP. there is definitely a lawsuit in michigan. It is a class action lawsuit.
  4. jancon201

    U/A's/ COVID-19

    A lot of our labs that do RAMP NJ testing are just closed. Their websites don't tell you this so you get to go there and find out that they are closed. Good Luck. we are needed so much at our jobs and these tests make us late for work and now we get to go in even later going from lab to lab with a full bladder.
  5. jancon201

    Panicked. Missed check in

    I get your anxiety, but I'm sure it's fine. RAMP in NJ can make all of the errors but we are not allowed to be humans. And we are humans. We are treated with no compassion, like we are criminals. We are people with a disablity, called addiction and should be treated as such. I am currently reading up on a class action lawsuit in another state regarding their state's version of RAMP using punishment as in threatening and taking away licenses for a mistake. False positives. It's all about the $ there is no compassion, no assistance with "recovery"
  6. jancon201


    There is an anonymous MEWE group named NJ RAMP.
  7. Fssolutions is a mess. Calls to them are a joke. They send nurses for random blood testing to places hours away, only to get there to find they don't know you are coming, don't have the "kit" and don't know where to send the specimen. This is just great for us in "recovery". They are also good for transfering calls to numbers that you can leave a message at and never get a return call. Good luck with this.
  8. jancon201

    Ramp in NJ

    I have been in RAMP in NJ for about 6 months. I wish you luck.