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  1. Yes! Some of us payed extra to have them shipped to our house. I wanted to make sure mine fit properly! the rest of you should get them on the first day!
  2. Has anyone bought their all white shoes yet? I’m having a hard time deciding what shoes to get! Can you all tell me what you bought?
  3. This is probably a dumb question .. I apologize. But do we need to physically go to the bookstore in order to purchase the textbook package? I tried to do it online through the website but was not able to add the package to my cart.
  4. Yes, I believe we will still be required to attend class on clinical days, it will just be simulation instead of clinicals. They will probably let us know before classes start.
  5. @yrosabal 2019-11-07 15-13.pdf
  6. They told us at orientation that we do not need to submit that form. We don’t have to do anything regarding the drug screening, the school will automatically get it from the company’s
  7. I don’t know if anyone is as anxious as I am for Monday, but what are you all wearing? I know it said business casual on one of the papers!!
  8. Hi!! I have created a Facebook group for Cohort 2. Please let me know if the link does not work!! https://m.facebook.com/groups/400737637494367
  9. @Dr.Jekyll It is best to get all of the immunizations indicates, however, one of the forms does say “students have the right to decline vaccination but are not likely to be able to attend mandatory clinical rotations. Students who do not attend all required clinical rotations will not be able to complete their program of study.” Best of luck!!
  10. Are cohorts 1 and 2 Dale Mabry Days??? My email said Cohort 2 at Dale Mabry campus. I just want to make sure I am reading it correct because I see a lot of people on here also saying Cohort 1 is Dale Mabry.
  11. I was alternate status and got into cohort 2!! Is that Dale Mabry Campus days?
  12. Question! For those of you that were accepted, congratulations! Can someone please tell me if there is a deadline you need to either accept or deny your acceptance by? I am alternate status and would like to know when to expect a response! Thank you
  13. I think we only heard back for alternate status. My gpa was pretty low so there is hope for you all! I had a 3.389. @yrosabal how did you respond? I’m not sure what to say!
  14. Question!! So for those of you who have applied for previous semesters, what does it show in the “my document” section? I don’t know what it’s supposed to look like when they have processed this new application. I still see my old documents.
  15. Yes! I submitted mine last week and it has not updated. It usually takes a while before they can get around to update it! I wouldn’t worry if you don’t see it right away.
  16. I definitely always think everyone should give it a shot, especially since Spring usually has a much lower cut off. The only concern is, I believe you need at least a 2.8 prerequisite GPA to be considered for the program!

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