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  1. NurseNesbitt

    PVT Accuracy June 2019

    yes , i got the bad popup then two hour later i got the good pop up at 205 questions.
  2. hey , just checking back in with you , did you pass nclex ?

    1. Clover123


      It’s not 2days as yet 

  3. NurseNesbitt

    Nclex-pn 2019

    If you look on my page, you will see my detailed letter on my nclex experience
  4. NurseNesbitt

    Passed Nclex-pn in 205 questions

    Yes, I passed nclex-pn in 205 questions. When I was in nursing school for one month to go left. My school gave me an ATI comprehensive exam which gave me a 9% chance of passing nclex, I felt so discouraged. I did the ATI modules and completed the ATI course. The last day of school, My school gave us the ATI comprehensive exam again which gave me only a 50% chance of passing nclex, I still was extremely discouraged. The next day I brought Uworld. I didn't study from March to April but I took the uworld assessment and it gave me borderline. So I knew that I needed to improve. About the last week in April I completed all questions in Uworld except for Children and Leadership and Mangement. The first time, I ended uworld I got the 34th percentile and was getting way below the passing mark. I went over every single rationale, studied them all except for Children and Leadership and Mangement. I schedule my date for the May 17th so I knew had only 2 weeks to get all the information down pack . At this time, I also did PN Mastery and Saunders for EKG and select all that apply questions. By May 15, I didn't feel confident so I postponed my test date for May 24th. I continued to study all the rationales and redid all the questions by now I was in the 64th percentile. I took my last Uworld assessment and got a high chance of passing nclex, I wanted a very high chance of passing but I told myself it is what it is and I'm not postponing my test date again. My test day May 24th came I got at the testing site at 9:00 am for 9:30 started my exam and got ALL 205 questions. I know they say if you get the last question right, you passed and it may push you over the passing score. I left the testing room so discouraged coming from a background of nurses who passed pn and rn within the min. amount of questions and I'm the only daughter that got all 205 it was dishearting but i knew i got the last question right for sure. I had to be God himself because the question was difficult but it was a uworld rationale, so i knew the answer. I did the PVC trick two mins after I left the test room and got the bad pop up, tried an hour later and got the good pop up. Next day, my nursing license posted in New Jersey. I was so happy. Yes, i passed Nclex. Moral of the story: ATI gave me a 9% chance of passing NCLEX and i still passed with Uworld and you can too