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    New Grad NP feeling Overwhelmed, Scared

    Just graduated 2 weeks ago with my Family NP and am prepping for my boards. After all the excitement of finishing and graduation, I'm starting to slip into a kind of depression and I'm wondering if any other new NP grads went through this? I didn't actively seek a position pre-graduation because it was so hectic towards the end that I literally didn't have the time and energy. While a few had jobs lined up, most of my peers didn't either, and many decided to focus on boards and taking a vacation or two before looking for work. I really wanted this time off myself just to decompress. Now I wonder if that was such a good idea. If seems like the further away from the intensity of school and clinicals and being around all the patients and clinics I get the more anxious and disconnected I'm feeling from being an NP. TBH, I'm scared of not being able to find a reasonable place to start off as a primary care provider. Will I be able to taking on the responsibility and work of starting this career? What if it is way more above my head than I thought it would be? I just need to hear if anyone else ever went through this and how they managed it.