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My name is Michelle and I'm currently working as a CNA while going to nursing school. I am always here to talk or lend some advice! 

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  1. seashellmichelle

    Advice for studying for finals!

    I don't have an outline so I'm blindly studying. I'm not sure if we'll get one either. My idea was to use chapter objectives as a study guide. That's a good idea too. I'll try writing all that out so I have a guide.
  2. seashellmichelle

    Sleep is Your Best Friend

    Happy that I've been doing that then! lol It's true though. The sleep works so much more than the extra study time. Plus, if you prioritize sleep and can get up earlier, you'll feel refreshed and ready to take on some new info.
  3. seashellmichelle

    Find your method

    I've found studying for 30 mins and then taking 40 or so mins as a break and repeating that a few times works for me. I think a lot of people just cram everything and forget how important it is to take breaks. The longer you study the less you will retain, at least from what I see. In terms of study methods, I do a few different things. I first read the unit I need to study, then I write out all the key terms, lastly, I read these things aloud, almost like teaching an imaginary class. When I do this part I try to put things in my own words the best I can. I've found this to be the best routine for me. So far I've been maintaining the best grades I've had by implementing different study methods plus breaks.
  4. seashellmichelle

    Advice for studying for finals!

    I'm going to have final exams plus my test out soon. I am very nervous about my exams and not sure how to go about studying a large amount of material. Any advice?! How can I prevent burnout? Thank you in advance.

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