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  1. ConstantGardener

    Valencia Spring 2020

    I never actually wrote that you couldn't work a full time job and succeed, merely those they weren't strong students (academically) couldn't. Your just projecting your own insecurities on to my post. There are many LPNs that work full time and succeed in the program, their just in the advanced standing track and not in traditional.
  2. ConstantGardener

    Valencia College/UCF Concurrent Spring 2020 Applicants

    After PoMiiii and others withdrew, they offered 2% in extra credit due to my section's class average below in the low 70s and anything below a 77% is failing. So, unfortunately for him or her, they might have passed if they stayed. They said throughout the term there was no extra credit but after the withdraw deadline our class average was still several percentage points below failing so they made a last minute decision. So it sorta screwed the people that withdrew and didn't want to risk failing versus the people that stayed and were heading towards taking a 10 credit F. But just saying, I knew well over a handful of people that were failing and thanks to extra credit just barely squeaked by.
  3. ConstantGardener

    Valencia College Spring 2020 applicants

    It won't really matter, aside from working. The issue is too many people think they can work 30 to 40 hours a week and make it. I had several people like that in my group. They never applied for Seminole so they didn't attend Seminole information session where they REALLY explained how much commitment is required. I literally had these guys breaking down in tears after class and lashing out in anger saying they can't afford not to work full time, or they have to take care of their children and that they didn't know about how much time commitment was needed, when it was really their own fault for not listening or doing research. If you're a strong student and you've worked as a CNA for 10 years then sure you can work 40 hours a week and barely squeak by. But if you're not a strong student, or you're young and naive and wait to be told by your professors what you should do to improve your grades and still want to work 20, 30, or 40 hours a week then reconsider. Nursing 1 is by design a weed out semester in Valencia. My professor never told our class that the exams were based off of NCLEX style questions or even explained what that was. The smart students figured it out after doing bad on the first exam. The academically weaker students and the naive students just sat there clueless, not resourceful enough to figure that out on their own and just drowned and kept failing exam after exam. After the withdraw deadline had passed, our class average was a 74% (anything below a 77% is failing) with only 2 more exams to go, the only way they avoided a blood bath (having a majority of the class fail) was to dole out a large amount of extra credit when all along they said there would be none.
  4. She got accepted in 2015 and like I said you won't know until you try. I didn't think I'd get in as my stats were barely above the minimum GPA except for my TEAS score. You have no choice but to kill it in the TEAS and try. Though just to let you know UCF concurrently has a Florida State College System Concurrent. Meaning that you can apply to concurrent separately once you complete 1 semester of any state community college nursing school. I looked at all of the ones in the state, and some of the rural community college nursing programs have next to no pre reqs and are shorter than Valencias (4 semesters) and you can get started on your BSN after completing Nursing 1 in any of them. And Valencia's science pre req requirement doesn't mean you can't get a C.
  5. ConstantGardener

    Valencia College/UCF Concurrent Spring 2020 Applicants

    Cost..... textbook, Castlebranch fee, UCF version of Castlebranch and equipment... I'd say $1500. Valencia tuition is about $1100 with UCF course tuition around $700 per semester. FYI UCF side of the concurrent program doesn't know this yet but since 2017 Valencia does not give financial aid for the UCF courses you take in concurrent. Everyone in financial aid department will say otherwise as they don't know and only going off of what use to be the case. I actually got in touch with the Valencia financial aid contact for concurrent and she confirmed there is no financial aid for the UCF course ever since they got audited by the DoE back in 2017. Which means you will only get 3/4 financial aid as you'll only be in 3/4 attendance at Valencia without the UCF course. Schedule can vary but so far for nursing 1 it's Monday and Wednesday lecture til noon, Thursdays all day lab/ half day lab + half day clinicals half way through the term. Fridays morning is concurrent Pathophysiology.
  6. ConstantGardener

    Valencia Spring 2020

    Don't know why I'm writing this but I figured I'd be nice. I just had several people in my group drop out because they weren't strong students and thought they could work 30 to 40 hours a week and didn't plan financially otherwise. They don't tell you that Nursing 1 tests are all based off of NCLEX style questions, which you have to understand NCLEX strategies to really answer as the textbook only covers concept. The strong students figured this out after the first test and the weaker students just drowned. Watched 2 girls in my group cry in class as they said they couldn't devote anymore time to studying due to needing to work full time and children. And how no one told them that they needed several whole days to study. These people were just studying from the book and bashing their heads over and over against the wall withdraw deadline came and reality hit them. Not saying you can't work as several classmates did, but they were CNAs and only did Per Diem and were straight A students.
  7. I got accepted into Valencia/UCF concurrent with low 3 ish GPA. And straight B's except for 1 A in science pre reqs. A nursing youtuber got into Seminole concurrent years ago with C's in her science pre reqs and low overall GPA as well. It's competitive so it depends on the year with Spring being harder to get into and Fall being easier to get into. Overall Seminole seems to be more competitive. Valencia admits a lot of students that shouldn't be in the program. As in folks who thought they could work 40 hours a week and take care of their kids while in the program and never planned financially for otherwise. So you wont know until you apply and just kill it on the TEAS, as in like get a 96%, which isn't hard as I got in the high 80s on the first attempt with almost no studying. With a high 90s TEAS and even with just borderline minimum GPA you still might get in depending on everyone else's grades. A warning though, if you are a weak student, you better buckle down, as nursing school has a higher grading scale. Anything below a 77% in Valencia is failing. And it's easy to fail as all tests are NCLEX style questions and they don't explain that to you. So the academically weak students fail from the test 1 and almost never pick themselves up as many are clueless and sit there waiting to told what to do. (Studying the textbook is of little help as the NCLEX style questions doesn't exactly correlate to the textbook.) So if that sounds like you and your not driven and resourceful and fight for that grade then you might want to reconsider, because they won't show you how to succeed and it's up to yourself to figure that out. Plus, Nursing 1 is weed out semester for Valencia, and by tradition large portions of Nursing 1 class body fails the course and drop out of the program.
  8. ConstantGardener

    Everyone is white?

    This is Florida in general. Having grown up in South and Central Florida and then setting foot on University of Florida, the socio economic disparity is just shocking. Going from about 40 to 50% minorities in upper middle class suburbs to University of Florida's 20% minorities at best was disheartening. Also, SW Florida is less urban then SE and Central Florida, thus has attracted fewer Hispanic immigrants putting down roots, so it's super pasty.
  9. ConstantGardener

    $200,000 salary as a RN, it's true

    Orlando, specifically. Loved seeing people making $12 an hour, driving an hour each way to their manual labor job complain about spending $120 a month a tolls and then thinking the North East or the West Coast is a literal hell hole compared to the hell hole their physically living in now. Yep, where in a near by rural county a few months ago, a guy with a long rap sheet, drove up to another car in an intersection. Unloaded his entire magazine killing the unarmed driver, hitting other cars nearby and striking businesses on that side of the street. Only stopped firing because he ran out of bullets. And yet the local sheriffs department claimed they lacked evidence to charge him with murder because he claimed stand your ground, that he thought the other driver reached into his car and he assumed he had a weapon, so he drew first and pressed the trigger until he ran out of bullets. These kind of things do not attract America's top talent or draw a highly educate work force. And yet, we're a magnet for people seeking easy to find low wage jobs cleaning hotel rooms. Among my 500 person high school graduating class, the most successful are the most educated with graduate degree. Whom, not surprisingly live and work in the North East and West Coast as that's where the high paying jobs are and the most educated work force. Those who stayed ended up at middle, lower middle class, with about 1/3 of them straight out struggling to survive cleaning hotel rooms.
  10. ConstantGardener

    $200,000 salary as a RN, it's true

    You just debunked your own statement. Everything is more expensive in California because everyone wants to live there. It's the most populous state in the US. If you actually did what you wrote and considered cost of living you would see that it balances out. I know from my own high school buddies, a doctor, occupational therapist, a pharmacist and a lawyer that all live in California and none of them think that somehow Texas is more affordable in relation to the pay there. As they can do the math and see that moving to Texas means a 50% or more pay cut. California is the most populous state for a reason, it has the things that attract people and a highly educated work force. Silicon Valley doesn't exist in the South for a reason. I live in a state that only attracts retirees and poor people seeking low wage jobs. It's really sad the ignorant knee jerk comments in here written by people who literally didn't even bother to think about the facts. My state is an income tax free state that's considered cheap and yet rent is sky rocketing due to the influx of people seeking low wage jobs in the metro area. The local newspaper has been writing about people moving out of the area as the low wage jobs can't match the massive rent increases, the 2nd highest rent increases in the nation for 2 years running. People often complain the my city is ringed with toll highways and it's common for people to spend several hundred dollars a month in tolls. Yet, none of them ever think why the state has no income tax and what those taxes pay for. Vast majority of the people in my metro area simply cannot afford the $2400 a month rent for a 3 bedroom house within city limits and can only to live in the suburbs with their $12 an hour jobs and commute an hour each way. Too many people lack basic critical thinking and never asked themselves why NYC and San Fran attract literally the most educated work force in the US and why people seek to live there and why employers put their HQs there. It's not for 0 state income tax, low wage manual labor jobs or an uneducated work force. Just to give you a hint how far ahead California compared to the rest of the nation and the WORLD. California has the 5th largest GDP IN THE WORLD. Ahead of the UK. Single handedly makes up for nearly a quarter of America's total GDP.
  11. ConstantGardener

    Valencia Fall 2019

    For my concurrent app, it's finally showing all Green and Under Review.
  12. ConstantGardener

    Valencia UCF concurrent Fall 2019

    Mine, went all Green today, now showing under review, so we shall see.
  13. ConstantGardener

    The wage gap myth

    Not to resuscitate a dead thread but OP is awfully naive by posting a link to a Ultra Right Wing troll farm funded by a billionaire oil man. It famously tries to capture you attention with tag line calling you the viewer a SNOWFLAKE in the intro on one of their videos. You should Google the organization and their public face and see the crazy things they espouse. Basically in a nut shell, thinly veiled White Nationalism. That the white man is getting the shaft due to the uplifting of women, minorities and other groups. Their view through all their videos is that essentially that the progress society made in the 2nd half of the 20th Century were a horrible mistake as it upset the natural balance of White men having the dominant roles in society. That anything that encourages or uplifts women or minorities are an aberration against the natural order. I've watched this and a few of their other videos and laughed at their hilarious claims that they expect you to accept without question just because it comes from a "economist". Even though said economist are deeply controversial and their views are not considered academically acceptable. I've also seen a episode where they made claims about race by citing a a book by a disgraced and deceased anthropologist whom by his own admission was prejudiced and racially biased. But you're never meant to research that, instead your supposed to accept their claims because IT FITS WITHIN YOUR WORLD VIEW. In a nut shell, if your a Caucasian man and your down on your luck or you feel you're not getting your fair share, then you're their prime demographic and everything they say will fit within your world view.
  14. ConstantGardener

    Seminole State College/UCF Concurrent Program Fall2019

    Light years better than mine. They'd take you long before me. I'm at 3.4 pre req science and 3.18 overall with 86.7 TEAS. I honestly be surprised if I got in as Fall is generally the most competitive. If I don't get in then i'll retake the TEAS as I know I can get 91 - 95 (I know I can ace grammar this time and do better on science) and hopefully have better luck with the typically less competitive Spring group.
  15. ConstantGardener

    Seminole State College/UCF Concurrent Program Fall2019

    Based on previous year's in terms of when their fall concurrent received their decisions, we should expect between 6/10 - 6/20 for acceptance letters. In the past people were reporting pre reqs in the UCF app showing yellow up to a week before the acceptance letters went out. So probably shouldn't worry about it. We're all still looking at another 3 to 4 weeks before acceptance letters go out, if they stick to their patterns from previous years. I personally applied 1 year ago and didn't get everything in on time and a week after the deadline received an email from them inquiring about it and a denial email a month after the deadline. So if you weren't eligible you would be receiving an email from them about it right now.
  16. ConstantGardener

    Seminole State College/UCF Concurrent Program Fall2019

    You can go on vacay, just gotta keep an eye on your email if you get in and go and come back long before the start date. You got plenty of time, just gotta read your emails.

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