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  1. jademoon99

    HESI A2 pocket prep

    Hi! Definitely purchase the full HESI A2 version (for $25), you will NOT regret it. The app pulls information directly from the Elsevier Exam Review. You can get an insight and feel for how the test will be like if you study the questions off of the app. And yes, there are many questions in the app that the book does not go over. If you get a question wrong, they will tell you why/how so next time, you can get it right. I used One Note to transfer all the questions/terms/equations I didn't know and studied like that. I was told the Elsevier book was enough but to my standards, it was not. Best wishes.
  2. jademoon99

    What are some of the BEST Hesi A2 practice methods

    Definitely purchase the following: 1) HESI Admission Assessment Exam Review (Edition 4) by Elsevier 2) HESI A2 Pocket App by Elsevier https://quizlet.com/168345054/hesi-a2-elsevier-review-book-4th-edition-vocabulary-flash-cards/ This link has all the vocab terms listed in the Exam Review. I prefer looking at this instead of the book just because I can quiz myself better. I recommend taking additional notes from the app to a document (I used One Note). There are helpful terms, equations, etc., provided in the app that are not in the book. Take the time to study every day for at least 2-3 hours and be CONSISTENT. You will be surprised at how you can forget small details if you skip a day. Good luck and best wishes.
  3. jademoon99

    HESI advice?

    Wow! It makes me feel so much better to hear about other people's experiences with the HESI. Thank you for this!!
  4. jademoon99

    HESI advice?

    Hi everyone, I take my HESI this Friday and nerves are definitely getting to me. I am tested on every subject except for Physics. I have been studying every single day since March and I honestly feel really good about it. However, I am getting nervous because what if the test is not how I expect it to be? I'm taking the test through Elsevier and I've been studying from the Edition 4 book and the Elsevier Pocket App (which I have completed twice already). If anyone has taken the HESI and has studied a lot like I did, was it easier/harder than you expected? Thank you! Any reply helps.