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  1. moonlightbae

    Are Braids Professional?

    Girl, wear your braids!
  2. moonlightbae

    Kaplan Medsurg Final

    Hi all, I'm a senior nursing student, and I have a Kaplan final exam for my medsurg class which is 35% of my grade. Does anyone know the best way to be successful/ pass this exam? If so, Please comment below. Thank you.
  3. moonlightbae

    Failed Fundamentals at BMCC, now what?

    Yes girl I understand where you’re coming from all these CUNY schools have the same bs I just graduated from City Tech but it was hell to get here. My advice like previously stated in this post—> Apply to private university. Keep in mind nursing school is all about “Survival of the Fittest” and if those who survived can pass NCLEX ? That’s all these schools care about and no matter where you go nursing school will not be easy.
  4. moonlightbae

    Best RN programs in NYC?

    City Tech, Lehman, York, Staten Island, Laguardia, Kingsborough, Queensboroug, Medgar, and Hunter are all Cuny affordable nursing schools.
  5. moonlightbae

    Best hospitals for Psych in NYC

    I think Bellevue Hospital is like top for psych.
  6. moonlightbae

    Kicked out of BSN program in final semester

    What state do you live in? and were you at a private university?