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Nursing Student w/ ED Level II Trauma Experience

Current ASN Nursing Student who's ready to accept all accurate advice & information!

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RN2020scm has 5 years experience and specializes in Nursing Student w/ ED Level II Trauma Experience.

Hello everyone! 😀 I am a current nursing student (in Georgia) with a prior Bachelor's of Science degree in Health Science. I've worked as a tech/medical assistant in the ER (Adults & Pediatrics) - Level II Trauma, NICU, Mother/Baby, HIV/AIDs Clinic, Home Health, Pre-Surgical Testing, Mental Health, & Assisted Living. I've also worked as a phlebotomist in the outpatient laboratory of one of the local hospitals in town. I titled myself the "Jane of all trades" because I purposely get my feet wet in different areas of healthcare so that I will remain well rounded. I'm ready to network & learn lots of new tips & information!


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  1. Hey! How is your cohort going so far? I was supposed to be there but a few technical glitches set me back. ☹ I'm hoping to enter Spring 2021. Sorry for writing you so late! 

    1. PoweRNursing


      Hey! I am so sorry to hear that! I am getting ready to start in the fall and am getting really nervous. I am so terribly sorry that you have to wait, know that I am always here if you need me for anything!

  2. RN2020scm

    Ethical Issues

    Hey everyone. I have a question. There is a nurse that I know of who takes exotic photos, has an OnlyFans account, "models" in music videos & doesn't mind posing near naked in sexually suggestive positions on social media sites. (She doesn't hide ANYTHING!) That's her life BUT my question is: Can a healthcare employer fire someone for what they do outside of their career as a nurse??? I know we are pillars in the community & are held to a high standard but I want to know, technically, is this woman in the wrong & would or could her job or license be on the line........Thanks in advance for the feedback given! 🙂
  3. RN2020scm

    Middle Georgia State University

    I applied to the ASN program
  4. RN2020scm

    Middle Georgia State University

    Right. The second round goes out to who's in the remaining pool from whoever declined their seat. Both the ASN & BSN cohorts take 100 students each.
  5. RN2020scm

    Middle Georgia State University

    Right & no problem!
  6. RN2020scm

    Middle Georgia State University

    ------------- informed me yesterday that the letters will go out next week. The second round will be about a month or so from now.
  7. RN2020scm

    ATI Critical Thinking Exam

    Hey! It's something you can't study for. The questions are literally off the wall. For example: If cup A holds twice as much as cup C but cup B is less than E and F combined, which cup holds the most. Stuff like that.
  8. @PoweRNursing Hey. MGA's nursing applications went live today! 

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    2. nurse_2b


      What type of GPA/TEAS scores are you applying with? Thinking of applying for fall 2021 ASN program after my first year of pre-reqs.  Did anyone do their first year prereqs at MGA Cochran?  I have visited campus once but it seems so remote.  Please let me know your experiences. tyia

    3. PoweRNursing


      Hello nurse_2b! I have 4.0 GPA and 83 TEAS. The ASN program admits fall students on Cochran and Spring students on Dublin. The program average GPA is around 3.1 and average TEAS is around 72. The program admits around 50 for ASN per cohort (Spring and fall). They also have a BSN program with the fall at the Macon campus and Spring ar Warner Robins. The BSN accepts 100 per cohort and the GPA is close to 3.5 and TEAS closer to 75. As the program becomes more well known it becomes more competitive, so keep that in mind when looking at these averages. You can go to 

       for more info. You can visit all pages and find out a little more about the program, teachers, and GPA/TEAS. I hope this helps!

    4. RN2020scm


      @PoweRNursing I will be commuting. I applied to both the ASN & BSN programs. Praying to get into one or the other. @nurse_2b my GPA is a 3.3 & my TEAS score is a 77. I haven't taken any classes at MGA. I have a prior Bachelor's Degree from another university so I've taken all of my pre-reqs

  9. RN2020scm

    Middle Georgia State University

    @PoweRNursing God, yes, there is TONS of reading!!! It's so much until you'll question will you be able to meet it by the deadline. Also, people think you don't study for NCLEX until nearing the end. That's not true. You start studying for NCLEX Day 1. We used Kaplan at my prior program. But other schools may use ATI or UWorld. That's additional reading on top of reading for the lecture.
  10. RN2020scm

    Middle Georgia State University

    @PoweRNursing I, too, take a lot of notes. I also record the lectures & listen to them again. But through trial & error, the absolute best way to study is by: Nursing Diagnosis Concept Maps. If you complete one (or multiple) forms of these for each area covered (ex. Cardiac System, Digestive System...etc) not only will you know about the topic, you'll also know about risk factors, nursing interventions, medications, pathophysiology, diagnostic procedures......etc. It was the best way to study since....EVER! 😀 Feel free to ask any additional questions.
  11. RN2020scm

    Middle Georgia State University

    @PoweRNursing Yes, I completed Fundamentals & no, thankfully I haven't failed any classes. I was 1/3 through Med Surg before I had to drop with a W grade. I'm about to check out the threads. You've been soooooo helpful & I'll definitely be on the lookout for your post! 😊😊
  12. RN2020scm

    Middle Georgia State University

    @PoweRNursing Thank you so much. My GPA is a 3.25 & my TEAS is a 77.....
  13. RN2020scm

    Middle Georgia State University

    @PoweRNursing I'm applying to the same program for Fall 2020. Is it hard to get into? Are the instructors nice, helpful, knowledgeable?? What helpful info would you give? I was in an ASN program at a different school but had to drop my classes because of my mom's death....also, is there a way for you to tag or paste the URL of the other forums you had discussions in?
  14. Is anyone applying or have applied to the ASN or BSN program at Middle Georgia State University?? MGSU
  15. Hey, is anyone applying to the Fall 2020 cohort at Middle Georgia State University?? If so, do you all know any details or what to expect? #MGSU
  16. RN2020scm

    Should I list this on my app????

    @Mergirlc Thanks, I'm definitely taking the advice you two have given me! & thanks for the condolences. She was my bestfriend. It has hands down been the hardest thing I've ever dealt with. My therapist diagnosed me as inconsolable & medicated me so highly until l wasn't myself. Hopefully they'll understand.

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