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  1. That would be really cool!! Good luck on your admission process
  2. Thank you so much for the advice !! This makes so much sense to me. In my Kinesiology labs where we would run tests on clients and things like that our profs always told that if you don’t know something, or if you can’t do a calculation off the top of you head, take a second, and look it up or do it properly. It’s always better safe than sorry. I will definitely take this with me !! Thank you
  3. StudentGBC13

    RPN to RN Programs in Ontario

    Hi everyone! I was just looking for some insight on the RPN to RN programs in Ontario (Specifically, McMaster, George Brown/Ryerson and George Brown/Trent). I'm currently a George brown student and I find that the bridging certificate to be quite pointless. What if you don't get the required average to bridge to Ryerson/Trent and then you wasted another year? Which is why I was thinking Mac was a better option because there's only the one three-year bridge program to be accepted into (and stay into!). But if anyone has any experience in either of these programs and you had some advice, maybe what you liked about it, what you didn't like or how you found the program was laid out that would be great! Currently I am leaning towards the Mac program at Mohawk's campus but ultimately I wanted to stay in Toronto and work at a hospital downtown. I know how competitive it is to get a job in a hospital down here, but how much does having a clinical experience at a certain hospital help your job prospects? For example, If I had my clinical at Sunnybrook, is there a good chance I would get hired at Sunnybrook upon graduation and completing the licensing exam? This is something I've heard from many people and I just wanted to know if it's true lol Thanks
  4. Hi there, I am currently and RPN student at GBC in Toronto. I have been trying to make a game plan for my future and am just wondering what the best option would be in furthering my education. I am 22 years old and have a Bachelor of Human Kinetics with a minor in biology from the University of Windsor. I chose to start the Practical Nursing program at GBC in May of this year and because I already wasted four years of OSAP and my life in a program I am not using, I want to make sure I have all the information before I go any further lol Basically, my original goal was to become an OR Nurse so that eventually I can go back to school and become a Perfusionist. However, I know I will need to upgrade my RPN diploma to a BScN so I am planning on doing that right after I finish the RPN program. I will finish in December of 2020 and hopefully will be on track to start a bridging program for September 2021. I was thinking of getting the Medication Administration certificate between that time so I can work as an RPN part time while studying to get my BScN. So I guess my question is... does it make sense for me to do the Medication Administration certificate if I am going to be an RN three years later? I noticed pretty much all of the Nursing jobs I've been looking at in Toronto, GTA, Hamilton, etc. require their RPNs to have the Med. Admin. certificate. I hope this wasn't too much information or too confusing lol this is my first post on here and I just wanted to say how excited I am to finally be getting into a profession that I love!! I learned so much in my Kin degree and all of the experience I gained in that program will definitely help me in Nursing, but I am just so excited to finally be a part of something that I have been waiting for the last three years!! Thank you all in advance for any advice you may have