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  1. Mariah2019

    Being bullied at work

    I started this job a month ago and within the first week I realized most of the nurses are LPNs and very hostile and ghetto. I’m one of the few RNs on the floor and most of the LPNs are older. Most of the days I just do my work and clock out to avoid drama. Most of the nurses there are always on smoke breaks every 5 minutes or gossiping and being loud at the nurses station. They use profanity in front of residents. Anyways, this one nurse (who I think might be a narcissist or borderline personality disordered) has taken a dislike to me for no reason and the other day in front of the CNAs verbally attacked me. I held my own and defended myself and told the supervisor. The issue is no one in management cares and that LPN and the supervisor are buddy buddy and smoke together, so I don’t think anything will be done. I feel like most of the nurses there don’t like me and I think it has to do with my good work ethic. I have now developed anxiety when I’m about to go to work. The energy is so horrible in this facility, and I’m thinking about quitting because I feel like since they’re all friends they will bully me out eventually. What would you do?
  2. Mariah2019

    Living paycheck to paycheck

    I been a RN for 5 years now and I work 32 hours a week and most nursing home facilities pay about the same. I make about 3k/month and every penny goes to my bills. I live in Minnesota.
  3. Mariah2019

    Living paycheck to paycheck

    Hey, I’m a single mom with a toddler and work in a nursing home. I’m living paycheck to paycheck. After I pay all my bills, with no assistance I have nothing left over. I work .8 now but I’m confused why I this is happening. Anyone else have this issue?