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  1. CSPL

    Dream Job offered

    I accepted the job, and my old boss was very understanding. I’ve been loving the NICU! Thank you!
  2. CSPL

    Dream Job offered

    In need of advice! I’m a recent grad, and I started a residency program for a medical unit 6 weeks ago. Today another hospital in town contacted me asking if I would interview and apply for a NICU position that just opened up. I did my capstone hours in this NICU and had expressed my desire to work there before I graduated, but there was no position open at the time. I didn’t even apply for this job, they contacted me! NICU is my DREAM. I love the hospital I am currently working at and especially my team, but I miss working with my babies. Is it ok to leave one job for my dream job if they end up offering me it? I don’t know if another opportunity will come up, but I also don’t want to burn bridges and want to be considerate! I did not sign a contract to the hospital I’m currently working at, I just feel bad about leaving! Anybody else been in a similar situation? What did you do or what would you do?
  3. CSPL

    Cook Children's July 2019 Nurse Residency

    I got a call today to interview for the critical care track too! :)