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Crojo1501 has 2 years experience as a BSN, RN, EMT-B and specializes in ED, SICU.

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  1. Sorry ladies,but as a nurse that is also male, we cannot relate to this type of drama. 🤣🤣👊🏽
  2. Crojo1501

    Nurses Begin Trauma Recovery from COVID: 5 Ways to Cope

    We only use the sticky probe to the ears with a reliable pleuth. I would say that is a pretty reliable sp02. legitimately in 20-40% in some patients.
  3. Hi, I saw that you interviewed at SCV for the ED last year. I have any interview on Thursday. Do you have any advice on how I should prepare based on the type of questions they asked? I’ve heard they’re really big on patient centered care and ask a lot of scenario questions about chest pain, sepsis, stroke, and STEMI. 
    thank you for your time! 

    1. Crojo1501

      Crojo1501, BSN, RN, EMT-B

      call me or text me 760-696-8255

  4. Crojo1501

    Brandman University ABSN Program

    Congratulations to everyone who got in, my lil brother just received an acceptance letter via email for the cohort to start Jan 2021.
  5. Crojo1501

    Brandman University ABSN Program

    Does anyone know how the wait list works. My brother applied in October, and Brandman U stated they would put him on the "waitlist". He finished all Prereqs, does the waitlist mean he is automatically in for the next cohort? Thanks everyone.
  6. Crojo1501

    Disrespect & Profanity

    Let me school you real quick on some cultural competency. In some cultures, such as hispanic/ Filipino, " mama, papa, mamita, papi" are terms of endearment usually used to address the elderly. I work in a hospital that is majority hispanic, filipino and we use this term alot. I also find it very hilarious that you're getting triggered over the use of these terms. Dont come to our ER, or we gonna beef! LOL
  7. Sorry, you had to go through this brother. I work in an ED where many code greys are paged per shift. Staff members and security officers are assaulted quite often including me. Your situation is a bit tricky due to medical/ psychotic side of the patients' condition. Do you think I should do anything? You can try and press charges but its not going to go anywhere due to the medical aspect of this situation! trust me, my coworker got kicked in the face by a patient, he pressed charges, hasn't heard anything and it has been a year. lol File a complaint, or let it go? Definitely bring up to leadership because this tihs has to stop, nursing education tells us that chemical restraints and physical restraints are last resort but B52 and TATS can prevent staff injury. By the time were at last resort, an ED tech has been chocked and slammed and security has their face bit off! We need to advocate for ED staff. Does it sound like the police were following protocol by not stepping in? PD should have assisted if there was no other help around but otherwise security is the PD of the hospital and they have their policies and procedures to follow.
  8. Crojo1501

    265 questions is almost guaranteed if your a male.

    Conspiracy, I took my NCLEX and stopped at 75 Qs. I know about a few other males who also stopped st 75. Additionally, all my ED nursing supervisors are all male. 🤔🤔
  9. Crojo1501

    Sharp New Grad Program Summer 2019

    Not sure if anyone else interviewed with SCV ED but I Interviewed with Sharp Chula ED, and offers/denials will go out next week.
  10. Crojo1501

    Sharp New Grad Program Summer 2019

    Hey everyone, still under consideration, external applicant, no license, may graduation. Applied to Chula Vista ED, & PCU.
  11. Crojo1501

    Scripps New Grad Residency June/August 2019

    Hi all! I also received a decline email. I applied the first day the app opened. I graduate in May with BSN, I did not have any clinical rotations at scripps but I am bilingual with 5 years of ED tech experience. I believe they are prioritizing those with licenses and newly graduated. Good luck to everyone!
  12. Crojo1501

    Sharp New Grad Program Summer 2019

    Hi all, I would like to apply to ICU, SICU, and ED but I do not have 90 hours of clinical hours that the application asks for. However, I have 5 years of ED technician experience. How strict is sharp on this requirement? Should I not even bother applying to ICU? Thank you!