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    MusicalMedic3 got a reaction from ILoveGreen in Lehman College Fall 2019 Admissions   
    Thanks for your response. Yeah. It seems that PA may be the way to go. I am still considering my options. Just sucks, because I just KNEW in my head that my plan was solid. I guess, not so much, eh?
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    MusicalMedic3 reacted to ILoveGreen in Lehman College Fall 2019 Admissions   
    @MusicalMedic3 Hello,
    From reading your post I would recommend you apply to P.A school, you have a lot of patient care hours. But if you’re not interested on being a P.A and want to become a nurse you can apply to NYU ABSN program and Columbia has an accelarated option that you can become an RN and then an NP in three years. 
    Best of luck!
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    MusicalMedic3 got a reaction from ILoveGreen in Lehman College Fall 2019 Admissions   
    I have been a NYC Paramedic for the last 6 years and I've decided to go back to school for nursing. I know there are tons of schools in NY but as a CUNY baby, I am heavily considering Lehman or Hunter for ABSN. After doing my research, I saw that now neither is accepting repeated prereqs!!!!! This absolutely sucks.
    I've read several posts but none that really tackle my issue. I know these programs are competitive and I wanted my application to be as competitive as possible. Because my prereqs are 10+ years old, I planned to retake them, not only to refresh, but also to earn better grades (even a B+ to an A helps right?) Now I am wondering if it is pointless for me to even consider CUNY. My B.S. is in Forensic Science, a science intense major (not sure about now, but back then, not too many even finished the program). Do they take the difficulty of the program in to account, or the fact that it was almost 15 years ago?
    How strict is this new policy? Could they possible make an exception because my prereqs are outdated? Many of my friends are telling me to go PA or MD. Even though the prereqs are pretty much the same, most let you repeat them without issue. I am heavily interested in research but I also love patient care, so nursing seems like the route for me, ABSN > MSN > DNP. Anyone have any insight?