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    Aurora0941 reacted to Nurse Beth, MSN in New Nurse In a Step Down Unit and I hate it   
    Even though you're new, this sounds more like an unmanageable workload. I'm in California and by law, nurses can only be assigned 3 pts in SDU.
    Some things do get easier as your first year progresses, but unfortunately, some nurses learn to take shortcuts when they are in such an environment.
    I'm sorry, that's not a solution, but I just wanted you to know it may not be you, it may be the unrealistic expectations.
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    Aurora0941 reacted to Been there,done that in New Nurse In a Step Down Unit and I hate it   
    Please see the many threads here on this topic.  I started out in the same place. Managed to make it... somehow.
    You will only make it if you delegate.  Delegate to the charge nurse, RT, and push the docs to order ICU transfer. Use nursing supervision in the process. You also need to get the help of more experienced nurses. Do you have nursing assistants?