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  1. Rechole1210

    UWorld percentile

    Received an email with my license in it this afternoon!!!
  2. Rechole1210

    UWorld percentile

    Soooo completed my test today at 4:30. Test shut off at 146 questions..I walked out feeling completely heartbroken and wanted to cry because I felt like I failed horribly. Tried the PVT with the wrong expiration date just now and got the good pop up I’m not sure how accurate it is but I’m crossing my fingers and praying!
  3. Rechole1210

    UWorld percentile

    Decided to keep my test date for Monday! Wish me luck, the nerves are kicking in lol
  4. Rechole1210

    UWorld percentile

    I’m scheduled to take the NCLEX this coming Monday. I’ve been using UWorld to study and teetering between the 58th and 63rd percentiles with 400 questions left in the Qbank. I did the first RN assessment and got a borderline chance of passing and just recently did the second RN assessment and finished in the 52nd percentile with a high chance of passing. I’m freaking out and considering changing my test date. Does anybody have similar UWorld experience and passed the NCLEX? Or would it be wise to push my test date back? Help!
  5. Rechole1210


    Anyone know whens a good time to start applying to DMC. I graduate in May but I’m not sure when they start looking at applications.

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