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  1. RocketRN2019

    Valencia, Pope or Hillsborough CC?

    Not sure about the schools, but Lakeland FL has been at the top of a few “best new places to live” list in the last few years. They are in the middle of both Orlando and Tampa
  2. RocketRN2019

    Tampa Area LPN Compensation

    Jobs are hard to find in hospitals, but in nursing homes and LTC the pay is higher and there are more prospects. Most dr offices choose MA’s over LPN’s and dialysis clinics pay pretty well.
  3. RocketRN2019

    New Grad Job Prospects?

    The new grad job market in Tampa isn’t terrible, but it is competitive. Most of the major hospitals have a residency program, some are ones a year, some are quarterly. Let me know if you choose Tampa and I can help you out. Also Tampa will be much much lower pay than California as there are no unions in Tampa
  4. RocketRN2019

    Pay in Tampa/St Pete/Clearwater?

    Ella where do you work? Just curious which hospital and what kind of unit? Thanks