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  1. MANE program Fall 2019 Nursing Applicants


    Looking for all of those who are applying to the MANE program for fall of 19. TEAS scores/GPA to see what level of competitiveness we are up against!! Thanks for stopping by!!

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    2. Rizzo_1183


      Thank you, I actually tested several times since August to finally get to an 85. Your score is really great too!! My TRIO advisor said that inver takes more than half of the waitlist, so your score is high enough that even of you get wait listed there you have a really good chance of getting in!! Also Century is another great location that I think your chances are really great on getting in!! Best of luck to you, keep me posted. You got this!!!

    3. Pre.Nurse_tobe


      This info gives me hope! I’ll for sure update you when the time comes! You do the same! 

    4. Rizzo_1183


      I definitely will!! Now it is just the waiting game 🙌 😂


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