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  1. Hi!

    I saw your comment about starting in April for Brookline's ABSN program and wanted to introduce myself. I'm Mylynn and I will also be starting in April! I was wondering if you were having trouble with any of the log ins and portals that they've given us? There's so many different websites that I'm getting confused and lost. 

  2. RenoNurse3233

    Roseman University ABSN - Change, Growth and Learn

    What about continuing education if you wanted to do MSN? Roseman is a pass/fail program and courses, correct? do you know how that would look on applications to MSN programs? Since there isn't really a GPA to go off of. Thanks in advance!
  3. RenoNurse3233

    Carrington College RN - Current / Alumni

    I went to UNLV I don't believe they have a bridge... although I have friends that have done Nevada State College or Chamberlain. I have talked to a few alumni from Carrington and they have said they haven't had any trouble getting into RN to BSN programs. I am just nervous about continuing to MSN. I am taking the Kaplan this week and applying my march 8th. Also applying to WNC and CSN.

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