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Central valley, ca first semester adn student


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  1. Hey guys, I haven't seen anything posted about the application for Fall 2019 cohort. Deadline was yesterday the 15th. I am just curious to see how everyone feels about their chances and how many points they have. Letters are supposed to be coming late March, early April.
  2. blueb-7

    West Hills College Lemoore RN Program Fall 2019

    I got my denial email today, congrats all to got in!
  3. I just created a group on facebook "Fresno City Nursing Fall 2019" for all of us in the fall
  4. Im thinking of creating a Facebook page for Fall 2019 cohort, like trish did for 2020 spring cohort. Would that be something you guys who got into the Fall would want to join?
  5. what do i search to find the fall 2019 cohort group?
  6. Here is a pic of what it looks like edit: pics not working for me but i promise its real!
  7. I just got accepted! SELECTEDFA19
  8. blueb-7

    Merced College Applicants Fall 2019 Spring 2020

    Just double checking before I go turn it in: For the Unofficial Transcript from Merced Collge, do I need to have one printed if I didnt take any classes at the college? or do I write N/A? and if so do you think theyll print me one today at Admissions and Records?
  9. blueb-7

    Merced College Applicants Fall 2019 Spring 2020

    If your classes are on the pre-req grid, no. "If your college and/or course is/are not listed, students must submit official transcripts to the Evaluation office one to two months prior to the application deadline (the official transcripts must be from other schools attended, NOT Merced College)." "Courses not listed on grid (page 28_ could take up to two (2) months or more to be evaluated. Your application may be returned if evaluation is not completed at tmie of application. Students are responsible for ensuring their course work is equivalent to college requirements." both are found on page 11 of the RN Application Handbook
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    College of the sequoias (COS) ADN

    There was an informational nursing forum at CCC in October I believe and the nursing directer said scoring in the 60s is what you need to be at to be competitive.
  11. blueb-7

    College of the sequoias (COS) ADN

    Nice! 68 is a good score. I applied with a 62ish so nice job!