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  1. Kjohnson15

    OSU-OKC FALL 2019

    This test was pretty easy. If you used the evolve hesi admission assessment book than you'll do fine. The chemistry section was very easy and basic information to know. The reading is smaller passages than most practice tests you would find online. Also you get to choose your time you spend on each section so you dont have to stick to what the exam actually says and you start in any of the sections. Good luck next week! I turned in my application today with 81 points. Its pushing it but it's still a chance. Now we get sit and wait. it's going to be brutal!
  2. Kjohnson15

    HESI Entrance Exam Tips

    How was the chemistry section? What did it emphasize on?
  3. Kjohnson15


    Hello, So I know this is very early! But has anyone taken the hesi a2 test or the teas test? This is going to be my first time on both tests. Any tips? I have been studying like crazy for the teas and just recently learned of having to take the hesi to apply for osu okc.