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  1. Hi! I saw your post about 35 pages review that you used for nclex, could you please email that to me?  I am about to take my nclex for 3rd time and I am just feeling hopeless now. mark audio and uworld didn’t work for me.

    email: aku_friend@hotmail.com

    thank you 

  2. Hey!! Congrats on passing your NCLEX! What is the 35 page study guide you found on here? I cant find it anywhere! Can you email it?:)

  3. Hey there!! I read your post from January about passing NCLEX. When did you graduate and when did you start studying? Did you give yourself a week or so off until starting?


    Also- do you have that 35 page study guide you found on here?? I can’t find it anywhere.. you can email me if you’d like! cdeyarmo@emich.edu

  4. KiaaKoleeRN

    Failed NCLEX 3 times...HELP

    I’m not sure but I can email it to you!
  5. KiaaKoleeRN

    Failed NCLEX 3 times...HELP

    I would try uworld! I did Kaplan for a few weeks learned the strategies and then uworld for questions. I also study this 35 page review I found on here. For the questions I got wrong I wrote index cards on it or on a sheet of paper I wrote down what I didn’t know. I reviewed this in the am and pm every day or so! Don’t give up! I prayed and tried to keep my anxiety down because I’ve read that’s why a lot of people fail! Also I also reviewed the hurst student manual to get brushed up on content.
  6. KiaaKoleeRN

    NCLEX RN 2019

    Loved your video!!! I just received my pass as well so I was tearing up with you!!! Congratulations!!!! Nurse Ash!!!!
  7. KiaaKoleeRN


    I didn’t start preparing for the nclex until after I graduated! I study hard for a about 3 weeks total. I did Kaplan Uworld and a Hurst and I also study from this 35 page study guide I found on this forum!
  8. KiaaKoleeRN

    Just took NCLEX

    Thank you!!!!
  9. KiaaKoleeRN


    I already received my licensure number about 4 hours after the exam!!!! I’m so happy! I feel looking bad a lot of people hype this test up for no reason!!! It was very vague!
  10. KiaaKoleeRN

    Just took NCLEX

    Update I Passed!!!
  11. KiaaKoleeRN

    Just took NCLEX

    Just took the nclex stop at 75 a lot of SATA, a few drag and drop no EKG no math! A lot of priority a lot of teaching some delegation! Not sure if I passed or not! Did the Pearson Vue trick right after got the good pop up but I’m still not sure how I did! Patiently waiting now! I just wish I knew already!

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