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  1. I would try uworld! I did Kaplan for a few weeks learned the strategies and then uworld for questions. I also study this 35 page review I found on here. For the questions  I got wrong I wrote index cards on it or on a sheet of paper I wrote down what I didn’t know. I reviewed this in the am and pm every day or so! Don’t give up! I prayed and tried to keep my anxiety down because I’ve read that’s why a lot of people fail! Also I also reviewed the hurst student manual to get brushed up on content. 

  2. I didn’t start preparing for the nclex until after I graduated! I study hard for a about 3 weeks total. I did Kaplan Uworld and a Hurst and I also study from this 35 page study guide I found on this forum! 

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    I already received my licensure number about 4 hours after the exam!!!! I’m so happy! I feel looking bad a lot of people hype this test up for no reason!!! It was very vague! 

  4. Just took the nclex stop at 75 a lot of SATA, a few drag and drop no EKG no math! A lot of priority a lot of teaching some delegation! Not sure if I passed or not! Did the Pearson Vue trick right after got the good pop up but I’m still not sure how I did! Patiently waiting now! I just wish I knew already! 

  5. Nclex is tomorrow (1/25)! After re scheduling 3 times (due to nerves) I went with my original date and a later time which is what I wanted! I’ve been studying hard for 3 weeks strong give or take a few days! I did Kaplan and Uworld and went over my hurst student manual again! At this point I’m praying for the best! Finished almost 900 questions on uworld ended up in the 84 percentile and a 62 average took the one assessment and got a high chance of passing! Nerves aren’t that bad but I keep praying and praying and hoping for the best! Prayers needed and I wish you all the best as well! Any last minute advice? 

  6. Have you been doing all the subjects all together or one by one I’m getting lost on how to use uworld since I only have about 10 days left till nclex just wanna make the mode out of the days left? Plus I just got uworld last Friday and was doing Kaplan up until that! 

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    I would suggest Kaplan nclex prep it comes with content videos that are short and to the point and also a ebook with important content. once you finish with the content review which is in phase one you move to phase two which has has session videos that help you answer higher level questions using there decision tree. they also include trainers that you can do that are additional practice. The cons would be that the rationales that are given you on screen aren’t great so you may need to look the information up in the ebook and also in my opinion the questions are really difficult. It’s expensive but they have discounts and also payment plans to pay it off! I ended up using Kaplan  for a few weeks and then I brought uworld as well for better practice questions and more in depth rationale on the questions. 

  8. On 1/16/2019 at 7:18 AM, Neo Soldier said:

    I recommend UWorld; the rationales are more in depth than Kaplan unless you study with the ebook that Kaplan  provides.

    I stop purchased uworld today with the self assessment i like it better than Kaplan already! Kaplan was good at helping me critically think

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    Hello! I took Kaplan Live Class. Based on the instructor you should aim for at least 60% on Readiness test & at least 65% on other tests like QBank & question trainers. If your scores are within those range or above, then I guess you are doing fine. 😉

    Thank you! 

  10. 9 hours ago, 0.9%NormalSarah said:

    Totally understand that! Well good luck, sounds like you are aware of where you're at and have made a good choice for yourself. When are you scheduled now? I wish you happy studying!

    Just a week so Feb 1st! I didn’t want to push it back that much especially when I’ve been studying so much already!

  11. 1 hour ago, Neo Soldier said:

    I recommend UWorld; the rationales are more in depth than Kaplan unless you study with the ebook that Kaplan  provides.

    I hear wonderful reviews about uworld and I’ve made a decision to push the nclex back and study using that for 2/3 weeks before I take my test! 

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    OP first of all I don't know that I have any real "advice" as I am still waiting on my ATT and am thus not an expert here. However, I just wanted to stop by and give you some encouragement. You still have a week and a couple of days! And you've been studying non-stop. I think you need to give yourself a little bit of break time and try to do some things to reduce your anxiety. If you truly still feel that you are not prepared on Monday or Tuesday, is it too late to reschedule your NCLEX in your state? 

    I had such a bad day yesterday I went ahead and rescheduled the exam I think that was best bet! I really felt discouraged seeing the low scores on Kaplan and then taking a mini sim of the nclex on nurse mastery and only getting a 62% of passing! So I’m going to start studying smarter and go back in with a brief content review to build my confidence back up I rather take it the first time knowing I tried my best then not and end up failing. 

  13. No I haven’t done trainer 7 yet I was going to wait until Sat/Sun and use those results to study by up until Thursday! And I’m the same way I’ve been running everyone crazy but I can’t help it! This is the last step!!! I’m in SC and one of my class mates last semester took it on a Friday as well and got her results back on Sunday! She did the quick results I’m not sure about Florida though! 

  14. Hello!!! I take my NCLEX on the 25th as well! I wasn’t able to do uworld due to the price but I do have Kaplan provided from my school! The representative we talked to said there goal is to have at least a 50% because all of there questions are passing level so I think you are going to be fine!!!


    how are you dealing with the anxiety? Am I the only one freaking completely out with it coming up?! Lol 

  15. Hello!

    I’ve recently graduated from nursing school around December 19 and I took about two and half weeks off with Christmas and the new year. Around Jan 5 I received my ATT and begin studying really all day and night with breaks every now and again. I didn’t get Uworld because I couldn’t afford it and I’m starting to feel terrible about it because I Such good reviews.

    Anywho I’ve been doing Kaplan since the last two weeks of nursing school up until now and I’m in the 56-80 range some days are good some days are terrible.

    I just took the RN Mini Simulation Exam from RN Mastery and I had a 62% chance of passing which I feel terrible about! I take the NCLEX next Friday January 25 and I just feel terrible! I’m so stressed out I’m beginning to feel like I know nothing and seeing these low scores have me doubting everything!!! I just don’t know what to do at this point I don’t want to push it out but I really don’t want to fail this thing! 

    Any advice? 

    How did you get over the anxiety! It hasn’t been such a big deal to me up until now!!!