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    Just took NCLEX

    Just took the nclex stop at 75 a lot of SATA, a few drag and drop no EKG no math! A lot of priority a lot of teaching some delegation! Not sure if I passed or not! Did the Pearson Vue trick right after got the good pop up but I’m still not sure how I did! Patiently waiting now! I just wish I knew already!
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    Nclex is tomorrow (1/25)! After re scheduling 3 times (due to nerves) I went with my original date and a later time which is what I wanted! I’ve been studying hard for 3 weeks strong give or take a few days! I did Kaplan and Uworld and went over my hurst student manual again! At this point I’m praying for the best! Finished almost 900 questions on uworld ended up in the 84 percentile and a 62 average took the one assessment and got a high chance of passing! Nerves aren’t that bad but I keep praying and praying and hoping for the best! Prayers needed and I wish you all the best as well! Any last minute advice?
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    NCLEX RN 2019

    Loved your video!!! I just received my pass as well so I was tearing up with you!!! Congratulations!!!! Nurse Ash!!!!
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    I didn’t start preparing for the nclex until after I graduated! I study hard for a about 3 weeks total. I did Kaplan Uworld and a Hurst and I also study from this 35 page study guide I found on this forum!
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    Just took NCLEX

    Update I Passed!!!
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    I am I am!!!
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    Have you been doing all the subjects all together or one by one I’m getting lost on how to use uworld since I only have about 10 days left till nclex just wanna make the mode out of the days left? Plus I just got uworld last Friday and was doing Kaplan up until that!
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    Need more Prep

    I would suggest Kaplan nclex prep it comes with content videos that are short and to the point and also a ebook with important content. once you finish with the content review which is in phase one you move to phase two which has has session videos that help you answer higher level questions using there decision tree. they also include trainers that you can do that are additional practice. The cons would be that the rationales that are given you on screen aren’t great so you may need to look the information up in the ebook and also in my opinion the questions are really difficult. It’s expensive but they have discounts and also payment plans to pay it off! I ended up using Kaplan for a few weeks and then I brought uworld as well for better practice questions and more in depth rationale on the questions.